War Horse by Michael Morpurgo

Apr 30, 2013
by: 17mahi

This book centers mainly around the journey of a horse that started out being sold to the army during World War I. There are multiple conflicts, stories, and many characters that happen in the story, since the horse gets transferred to different places. The main conflict is that Joey, the horse, just simply wants to get back to Albert, a farm boy that had first taken care of him. Not only those this story show a horse's troubles, it also shows how the war affected various people in a usually negative way.

A significant quote in the story was; "All the horses we have here are either sick or have been sick" (Pg. 149). This was when most of the horses in the army was going to be sold because most of them were sickly, meaning that there was no point in transporting them in even worse conditions and cause the horses' conditions to get even worse.

This part of the book is significant because it shows how the war horses have to be very strong to survive the war, allowing the reader to appreciate just how strong the main character, Joey (a horse) really is. It also shows how the army had overused horse's labor and is causing the health of the horses to go down this much. They did not consider the horses when they were ordering them to do the labor. This was one of the conflicts presented in the book and also straightforwardly informs/explains the reader the reason why Joey (the main horse) had run away because he knew that he might die (or be in a critical condition) before he even meets Albert.