War on Terrorism Continues

Sep 8, 2010
by: cvalcarce

The war goes on... it has been doing so for almost a decade. Nine years ago this Saturday a significant event occurred that would change our nation forever.  September Ninth, Two-Thousand and One started as a normal day in our nation, but many will never forget how it ended. The Al Queda terrorist group sent nineteen men to hijack four commercial jet aircraft. Two of these aircraft were crashed into the Twin Towers in New York City, New York, also known as the World Trade Center. The other two were directed at the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia outside of Washington D.C. However only one plane was crashed into this while the other was crashed into a field in rural Pennsylvania after the passengers tried to take control of the plane. No passengers survived. Many innocent civilians on the ground were killed also. This day is among the most tragic in our nation and we will remember its incidents and all those lost to it for years to come.

Fast forward about 9 years. In the past 8 years or so we have been in Iraq ridding it of terrorism. Iraq was supposidly where Al Queda was hiding and it was proved true when we found Sadaam there. But as the war carried on so did Al Queda and they eventually moved on and now they are hiding out in Afghanistan.  It recently came about a few weeks ago that we are with-drawling our troops from Iraq and going deeper on the manhunt to extinguish Al Queda. We are moving to Afghanistan because this is most likely where these dudes are hiding. We need to get rid of them before they cause any more damage to our nation. Some argue this though thinking that it is not an appropriate time to leave Iraq yet. “Its not the right time”, Johaina Mohammed, a 40-year-old teacher from Baghdad told the press. “There is no government, the security is deteriorating, and there is no trust”. While this may be true we have to take into account the fact that we were in Iraq for one main reason, to stop terrorism.

Now that Al Queda has fled to Afghanistan we must follow them and finish them off to ensure the peace of the world and our country. Some of our troops are still staying behind in Iraq for protective purposes, but troops will probably be fully withdrawn from Iraq by some time in 2011. As for Al Queda, I hope that they are somewhere in Afghanistan so that we can find them and bring them to face justice. This war has gone on too long and we need to end it so that we may find peace again in the world for a short while.

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