The Warrior Heir

Apr 11, 2014

The book revolves around Jack, a normal teenager until he discovers a secret about his lineage as well as another secret hidden from the world in plain sight. Jack has always been drinking a medicine from a bottle ever since he could remember and has never forgotten to drink it. One day he forgets to drink his medicine and feels funny, he tries to take his medication but regardless of his pleads to the principal of the school, he can’t. Later that same day there are soccer tryouts and Jack feels a sudden surge of power that he releases into one of his kicks, knocking down the goalie. When he gets home, he finds his Aunt Linda who begins telling Jack about who he really is. He learns that as a baby he received surgery not because he was weak of heart but because he was a magical baby. There are two kinds of people in the world, those who are weir and those who are anaweir, he learns that he was a weir baby that was meant to be a wizard, but unlike all weir beings he was born without his wizard stone. That was where Jessamine Longbranch comes in and saves him by trying out an experiment, creating a Warrior and Wizard hybrid to claim for the house of the White Rose that was in need of warriors to fight in the tournament. Jack discovers that his medicine suppressed his powers. With this new information he begins to uncover a web of lies, learn about the Weir world as well and develop his abilities.

The book is similar to the discovery of new planets and other things the universe that we cannot explain and we further try to discover more about it only to find ourselves in a place that questions everything that we accept as the cold hard truth. For example, Jack discovers he is part of the Weir world and can perform tasks that a normal human cannot accomplish. This discovery shook Jack’s world and makes him question everything he knows and holds to be true. In real life, a cosmic event led to Stephen Hawking creating a new theory that there are no black holes that exist. This forces us to question what we do know about the universe as a fact and what we don’t know.

One theme in my book is identity. Throughout the book, Jack struggles to find his real identity. He had always thought he was a normal teenage boy but at the same time he felt different from everyone else. He had always felt as if he was part of something bigger and better than what he already had. This repeats throughout the book when he is forced to fight for the wizard house and he questions himself as a person and why he has to fight against the other warrior that he once considered a friend.

The book shows the basic pattern of a hero unaware of his abilities and one day suddenly finds out about his abilities and is immersed into a world he or she knows nothing about. This is a basic pattern because it happens in a lot of books where the hero has magical abilities or super powers.