What Appeals to Your Scared Soul?

Mar 30, 2015
by: cpollar

Everyday we walk by an emotional appeal advertisement. The ones that make you change your way of think, those are the ones that usually uses your fear. In horror films , fear brings out the worst in people. However, emotional appeals usually uses fear to bring out the best.

An emotional appeal is a method of persuasion that is designed to create an emotional response. This type of persuasion/ advertisement is called the pathos method. Pathos is based on emotion, ergo EMOTIONal appeal. Emotion is one of the easiest way to change your mind about a particular subject. In public health campaigns they use the emotion, fear.

In public health emotion appeal campaigns, they use the fear of death to keep someone on their toes about their health. The image of Jacquieline S. , a young lady that lives with someone else mistakes of driving under the influence , uses fear to persuade you to not drink and drive. No need of statistics or facts, fear is all they used.

A campaign about smoking just uses sorrow, pity and fear. A lady in the age of 40+ , also can be younger due to the effects of the smoking it is hard to identify, has a hole in her throat. This hole is from a Laryngectomy, the surgery removal of the voice box. Although, it doesn't give you any information about what this lady has, it does show you the sadness and shame in her eyes. This campaign puts fear of losing your voice to persuade you not to smoke.

Everyday you are being persuade to straighten up your act. Everytime you go to a doctors office , that have posters that uses emotional appeals to persuade. Emotional appeals are everywhere. However, it is your choice if you want to ... appeal to your scared soul.