What is apple cider vinegar?

Dec 10, 2009
by: achan

Is drinking apple cider vinegar healthy for you? Matter of fact, it is! It's great if you're on a diet and it's actually one of the best NATURAL home remedies. The effects that it brings with it sounds too good to be true but many people have already tested it and the remedy has been around for almost eight years. The only down side is that the smell and taste of it is most unpleasant, unappetizing and probably would be really unappealing. If you came across a AVC bottle in a vitamin store, you would see an amber colored water with crap floating inside. In reality, the "crap" floating inside of it is actually from crushing fresh organic apples, before being mixed with vinegar and put into the jar. It smells absolutely awful. But it's for a good cause.

"They include cures for allergies (including pet, food and environmental), sinus infections, acne, high cholesterol, flu, chronic fatigue, candida, acid reflux, sore throats, contact dermatitis, arthritis, and gout. One reader reported that a shot of ACV saved him from going to the emergency room for heart pain. Apple Cider Vinegar also breaks down fat and is widely used to lose weight. It has also been reported that a daily dose of apple cider vinegar in water has high blood pressure under control in two weeks!" http://www.earthclinic.com/Remedies/acvinegar.html. Recently, it has caught a lot of attention. Because it is a healthy way to loose weight, a lot of females have been drinking it. They drink it on an empty stomach in the morning and at night, 2 tablespoons for each 8oz of water. You can actually mix the ACV with other drinks like orange juice or any other liquid you prefer to drink to hide the disgusting smell it gives off. People can also use it as a salad dressing.

"It doesn't seem to matter which vinegar – white, apple cider or even red raspberry – you use. What's critical is that you use vinegar that has 5 per cent acidity (acidity is typically marked on the label)." http://www.healthzone.ca/health/dietfitness/diet/article/730625--how-vinegar-can-make-you-thinner Basically, as I said before, you can use ACV any way you want. You can mix it with juice, pour it in your salad, or eat with any other food choice of your liking. As long as the bottle says that it's ORGANIC, has motherly fluids floating inside of it, and has 5% acidity, that's the one you're trying to get.

Bragg's ACV is gaining a lot of popularity. That brand is the one that people prefer because of it's organic ingredients even if it smells horrible. "Different from the refined and distilled vinegars usually found in supermarkets, Natural Apple Cider Vinegar is made from fresh, crushed, organically grown apples and allowed to mature in wooden barrels, which boosts its natural fermentation qualities. When mature, it contains a web-like substance, called "mother" that becomes visible when the rich brownish liquid is held to the light. The mother can be used to add to other vinegar to hasten maturity for more Apple Cider Vinegar." http://www.bragg.com/products/acvFAQ.html

Although ACV has been raved about, when you drink it, you must take precautions. Basically, you drink it on an empty stomach 3 times a day, morning, afternoon, night. You must take sips and cannot gulp it down. After drinking it, you shouldn't brush your teeth right away because ACV might be too acidic for your enamel. It's best to rinse your mouth after drinking ACV. You must never ever drink ACV straight from the bottle. You have to dilute it first or else it'll burn your mouth and esophagus.

I was experimenting with it last time and I found out that if you want to drink it with only water, and not with juice, you can mix ACV with warm water. It REALLY makes a difference. The taste of vinegar isn't as prominent in the drink. Not only is ACV great for diet usage and a cure for various things, it's great if you use it as a face wash too. Crazy, huh?

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Oh wow. I seriously didn't

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Submitted by HLee on Thu, 2009-12-10 11:19.

Oh wow. I seriously didn't know about that. Maybe I should try it. Did you try it or something? 

Yea :D, I've tried it. I've

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Submitted by achan on Thu, 2009-12-10 22:33.

Yea :D, I've tried it. I've been drinking it for the last week. The taste is so.. vile... I cringe everytime I sip it. But it's tolerable.

 Hey Andrea, We were just

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Submitted by atorres on Thu, 2009-12-10 16:08.

 Hey Andrea,

We were just talking about this in class, and I thought maybe I should just share my thoughts and questions through here. This is actually kind of funny, because we have been experimenting with all types of vinegar, well at least I have and recommended them to you. However, none of that compares to this one because this process involves digesting whereas we only applied the substances on our faces. 

When I was reading about the snippet of what the apple cider vinegar was made of, I thought, "Oh, smashed apples isn't so bad." Then you stated vinegar with a nasty tone, now I really wonder how terrible this really does taste. 

So I will definitely try it, but I don't think that 12 dollars is really worth it. I was thinking of bring a bottle of water with 2 teaspoons of this to school everyday, but will I reek?

Great topic!

No you won't reek, Drea. But

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Submitted by achan on Thu, 2009-12-10 22:39.

No you won't reek, Drea. But the bottle will probably give off nasty smells LOL. And I advise you to sip it with a straw. That way, your teeth aren't as exposed to the acidity in the ACV :).

wow andrea. this is a really

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Submitted by amei on Thu, 2009-12-17 11:15.

wow andrea. this is a really good post. i never heard of apple cider vinegar before until now. My dad has gout and I might buy it for him to try it. The idea that its good for your face got my attention because my skin isnt so nice. I have a question for you. You said you tried it before, how was it? Did you feel anything like did your health or skin got better? If so, I would definetly buy it even though the taste is terrible. I thank you for posting this and sharing this. Looking forward for your next writing. ^___^

  looking forward for your response :)

Dear Anna, I haven't tried

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Submitted by achan on Mon, 2009-12-21 10:21.

Dear Anna,

I haven't tried it on my face yet because I feel like I'm waisting it. It's like $12-13 each bottle >.< But I've heard great reviews about it from other people who's tried it on their face. Although.. I think the action happens faster if you drink it. Not only would it clear your skin, it would cure other toxins inside your body. :)

I'm going thsi tuesday, if you like, you could come along :D

Hey Jiggly, Hmm this sounds

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Submitted by agordon on Tue, 2009-12-22 10:16.

Hey Jiggly,

Hmm this sounds interesting, but I would rather lose weight and be fit the old fashion way through excercise and healthy eatting! Also, I once tired the vinegar on my face to get rid of pimples, but it did not work for me. I only made my face dry and old looking D}= But it really depends on the person and their body if they can tolerate it.

Cool post!!!



Dear Rea, Eww... apple cider

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Submitted by helen.peng on Tue, 2009-12-22 10:26.

Dear Rea,

Eww... apple cider vinegar... How do you drink it? o_o; Isn't vinegar extremely bitter and "acidy?" I don't know why but this reminds me of drinking Chinese herbal medicine... x_x Every time I have to drink a WHOLE FULL MUG full of it, all I can think about is it's smell and disgusting dark brown look of it. When my mom brews it, I just stare at it and gag whenever I smell it. But, when I'm drinking it, I try to stay calm and not think about the smell or nasty taste because I know it's good for me. Sigh...

I like you sentence, " The only down side is that the smell and taste of it is most unpleasant, unappetizing and probably would be really unappealing." I like how you used homophones in your description, it makes it stronger. I can just picture you drinking it and your facial expressions. I guess it's kind of like when you are about to throw up, you turn green and nostious.

I never knew that you could drink apple cider vineger... or even vinegar in the first place... I only know about making vinegar as a salad dressing. Haha. Cool article! :]


Dearest Helen, See, that's

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Submitted by achan on Mon, 2010-01-04 10:20.

Dearest Helen,

See, that's the werid thing. I never thought salad dressing could be used as vinegar..Anyways, yea, it's been like 2 weeks since I've bought ACV and just when I was about to warm up to it, they ran out of stock. I finally got my hands on one a day ago and I totally forgot how disgusting it tasted T^T.