What are the best proven methods to reduce stress/pressure?

Sep 11, 2012
by: msprinkle

I am interested in this topic because I think being a senior applying for colleges and worrying about your future can add a lot of stress on top of our already stressful lives. Everyone has their own personal way of dealing with stress but what are the proven methods, if any, that would help in a more scientific way? Home remedies for stress are simple, and can vary from person to person but if you were to sit down and do a certain exercise would this be a “no-question” stress reliever?

I found out that many ways to relieve stress have to do with re-evaluating your situation. By identifying your stress you can find a way to reduce your own personal stress. Also by the way you react to certain things help to add or reduce stress. Having a positive reaction will help you in the long run. By adapting to the stress, or accepting the fact that you cannot change the way things are is another way to reduce your stress. Another great way of reducing stress is to work out and have a healthy physical life. In everyone's life it is important to make time for fun and relaxation.

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