What are the dangers of drinking bottled water?

Jun 3, 2014

Most of the school year I have been researching on the diseases that appear in the eye and how the eye works. Now that I have answered that question I decided to research on a new topic. This month my inquiry question is, “What are the dangers of drinking bottled water”? There are many students in school that carry water bottles and this includes myself. I know that we have tap water to drink, but sometimes I forget to bring my bottle water and for this reason I buy water at the store. Although many people say drinking water from plastic is very bad for you people still buy it. I do not really know the dangers of drinking from bottled water and this is why I decided to do research on the topic. The only information that I knew before researching the inquiry question was the drinking water from a bottled water that is out in the sun for too long is bad. This is because the chemicals used to create the plastic goes into the water when heat is applied on the plastic.

In order to answer my inquiry question I used the article, “This Everyday "Healthy" Beverage Poisons Your Body One Swallow at a Time” by Dr. Mecola. I knew this source was useful and reliable because it came from a doctor. The reason people buy water bottles in stores is because humans assume it is healthier than tap water and that it replaces ones vitamins. However, bottled water is just tap water which we get for free. To continue, water bottles is destructive to our environment. It is said that, “ 67 million water bottles are thrown away” and not all of them get recycled. Another problem with bottled water is that we use an “incredible amount of fuel to transport heavy loads of plastic to supermarkets, homes and offices”. There are many dangerous to drinking bottled water and this includes altering the immune system, diabetes, obesity, decreasing sperm count and cancer. The reason one can get these illnesses is because the plastic contains BPA or “Bisphenol A which is an estrogen-mimicking chemical that has been linked to a host of serious health problems”. To add on, if a pregnant woman drinks bottled water not only is she at risk, but her baby too.


Very Interesting Ashley, I

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Very Interesting Ashley, I too drink water from a water bottle. I never really knew the dangers it came with, I really thought it was cleaner myself. I like how you included a doctors article, it really showed me that you look into it. What do you recommend we carry our water in? I will be sure to try it out.