What can we do to save our freshwater supply?

Oct 17, 2010

We are the sole reason as to why our freshwater supply is contaminated with deadly chemicals and the inadequate supply of clean water. Therefore the only way we can resolve the situation we got in to, is to work together and participate in the many household conservation methods presented. People must become more aware of the damage that was afflicted and how to slow down the depletion of our freshwater. We as people must also realize that we are the source of the problem and that everything we do comes with a consequence. In order for us to recover from this problem as fast as possible we must address the issue as a whole and make our society one for all.

    The fastest way into resolving this dilemma is to learn from our usual bad habit mistakes. We can realize that many human activities affect water quality. An example of this is how wetlands, groundwater and waterways are destroyed by construction, polluted runoff, and spills.  People can buy recycled and environmentally friendly products. People must also eliminate the destruction of rain-forests because it greatly interferes with the water cycle.

    There are many ways that can make us get on the right track such as riding a bike, walking or even thinking of creative ways such as carpooling in order to help reduce the production of toxic air pollutants that cause acid rain.  Finally after performing all of these conservation and protection methods yourself, spread the knowledge! Sharing your knowledge with others is very significant in this process because it will make society work on the issue as a whole. We will remember that our actions have a widespread impact on the lasting quality of freshwater resources. We have the power to make a difference, we just need to utilize it.

     Throughout the last century our politics has not paid much attention towards the freshwater crises that is currently happening as much as it did on things that would benefit us quickly and on a shorter scale. As the issue of the depletion and contamination of freshwater gradually became more eminent, it became one of the world’s most frightening and significant issue. The problem has become very important because we are able to foresee what could happen to us if the present consumption patterns continue.

    There are many types of ideologies that we can begin to implement now. The government is now introducing/implementing new acts that will help reduce the production of harmful air pollutants that cause acid rain. These acts consist of removing certain unnecessary chemical factories, manufacturing plants and other workplaces that produce contaminants or dangerous chemical agents. Although these acts will help us in the long run there are consequences that come with implementing these acts such as the risks that come with population growth.

    Even though the government is implementing new acts, they would be meaningless without the cooperation of the people.  People must also do their part and perform all of the household conservation methods that will help our freshwater resources last longer. Without society coming together as a whole and working on this problem, what we predict in the near future will become a reality. People must not think that we can hold off this problem until much later because tomorrow will be too late, the time to get on the right track is now or never.