What comes to your mind when you hear the word water?

Mar 9, 2010
by: achan

The Issue: Environment and sustainability.
Topic: Water
My question: Will the world ever run out of water?

I've always wondered if a good amount of people knew what was going on under the sea. Not enough people, that's for sure. Obviously, we all know what the environment is turning into. Littering and polluting.. no wonder global warming is changing for the worst. It scares me that I actually think that after a few more winters, winter won't be the same. This year, summer wasn't as hot as the year before. This year, winter didn't last too long. Just yesterday, it felt like spring, but today it's back to being chilly.

Did you know that with just a text, you can get things accomplished? I never knew that. Whenever I see the advertisement, text to xxxx to save Haiti, to save the community, to save the animals, to save the ocean... I wonder if it really helps. What does it do? It's not like I'm donating money. What is it's point?

I bumped into this article http://www.changemakers.com/en-us/node/20009, and it seems to answer my question. To think that polluting the water isn't the only way killing our sea animals, "More and more fishing operations are harvesting fish in ways that don’t put so much pressure on the fish populations and that leave fewer pollutants in the water." and "A study published in the journal Science in 2006 reported that the world will run out of seafood by 2048 if the oceans continue to be fished at the rate they are now."

Is that even possible? What can we do to stop this? Obviously, the consumers can do something. I think we should eat less sea food and let them reproduce for a few years. We should do this every few years to make sure our sea food won't go extinct.