What does she think?

May 5, 2011
by: GSoukup

Janie, Janie, Janie. She is a bad person. She spits in the wind and wonders why she has it on her face. She was married to her first husband, she ran away for hopes of a better life but what did she get? Not a whole lot. She was the mayors wife and that was it. SHe was not treated like a goddess like she thinks she should have been. She was not given gold shoes to walk on and couldnt use money as toilet paper. She is a selfish person who wonders why bad things happen to her when she gets herself into these situations. Jody is a good person that talks more than he can do. He told janie that he could give her the world but delivered her Mars. He treated her well and she was having an OK life. But the way Janie treted him on his death bed was horrible. You dont kick a man while he is down. You were a bad person and said bad things, but loook at the time period! I dont condone hitting women but you know, it happened then and it was the normal behavior. They should have stopped butshe should have known that getting hit would be something bound to happen. So the things she said, shameing his family by judging his manhood was horrible. He was dying and she took what was left of him. She was his wife and she should have taken care of him no matter what.

She doesnt realyl remind me of anyone because I havent done a lot of reading and havent watched TV lately so I dont really know who she reminds me of. But she is greedy and should have known what she was getting herself into.