To what extent can I use AutoCAD to create the design of my dream house?

Apr 10, 2014

I think I might need to change my guiding question slightly because I am not so sure about the wording because it seems too simple. I need to go over this with my supervisor. I am finished with the project and I re-checked whether or not it does fall into the area of interaction that I chose, human ingenuity. Human ingenuity involves us question why, as humans we decide to create. I think to answer that question I need to start from the sole purpose of architecture. This means that we created architecture as a form of creating sustainable shelter that would aid our survival as well as improve our chances of survival through the construction of houses and other forms of shelter (O’Gorman 1997). Architecture has evolved from simple constructions, the basic rectangular prism to very complex, strong, sturdy and admirable creations (Gladfelter 2013). We evolved the art of architecture to no longer satisfy our needs for survival but also our own visual needs to perfect what we already have. There was shelter and that wasn’t enough for those with money and power because there needed to be a way to distinguish themselves from the rest. From there along with other artistic movements architecture and design also changed with the artistic movements.