Police Man turns over a high school student

Nov 18, 2015

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There are a lot of issues going on in America. Some people might not know if there are any issues. But, I think America is still the "Gilded Age"(It is certainly not but if you see the problems in depth it is). Gilded Age, is when it seems like America has no problems to viewers but if can actually look in depth, oh boy we've got plenty of problems.

The main issue that we are going to talk about today is a police who turned on a girl for not giving her cell phone. Some people think its not a big deal but some people think its bad and they think that they really need America to recover the problems and bring people to justice. I think you saw the video and if you observe carefully the policeman just drags the student across the room. Also if you see the people that are sitting around there they just stare at the situation. I know how it feels like if there is a situation like that. But, someone could've done something, but no one did anything. If I was there I would just hit the policeman (I am not joking). So I think the supreme court could've took a stronger decision rather than just firing him.

So these are the problems that we are having in the United States. These are not only the issues, there are just plenty of them. As per now I just talked about these. Maybe in my upcoming discussions there will be a variety of various of them. So my opinion is that the supreme court could've took a stronger decision rather then firing him.


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