What is Femininity?

Mar 16, 2016

When you think of a feminine woman, what comes to mind? People usually say that a feminine woman is a woman who wears dresses and is proper but by definition, isn't every woman feminine? Does this mean that women who chose to dress in pants instead of dresses or aren't 'proper' are still feminine?

When femininity is thought of, shouldn't all women be able to be considered feminine, not just the ones who chose to wear dresses?I believe I am correct since the definition just states that femininity is just traits that women have, it doesn't specifically say anything about the way most of the world perceives it. People may say that a woman who wears jeans is not feminine, but why? This makes me think that the problem isn't how people like me perceive femininity, but how the world has believed it to be for many years.

What can we do to change the opinion of those who still believe the old way femininity was looked at? How can we change their minds, and show them any woman is feminine? Femininity is a trait held by every woman - no matter how they dress or act. I believe that something should be done about this, and it is very important because through the media and other forms of communication, young girls are getting the impression that they have to act a certain way to be accepted- which they shouldn't have to do.