What Goes Around Comes Around

Jan 4, 2012
by: 16brooksm

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I created the Scratch animation What Goes Around Comes Around As my response to a project to create an interactive ethical story. Ethical means to be moral and make the right choices in terms of helping others and being honest and respectful. A Ethical Story is a story that envolves some kind of decision where a character will decide to either make an ethical choice or a non-ethical choice. Then in order to teach the reader which is the ethical choice and the right thing to do and which is not the ethical choice there will be consequences for the unethical choice and/or rewards for the ethical choice. My story is about a poor couple on the subway. The husband and wife are discussing how they are in desperate need of money just when they notice a black suitcase under the subway seat. They open it up and find $500,000. Now they must decide whether to keep the money or turn it in to the police. If the couple decides to turn the money into the police than they get jobs as police officers. If the couple decides not to turn the money into the police they take a trip to Las Vegas and go to a bar at a fancy hotel. Then the police show up and arrest them for holding stolen money. Therefor they are much better off if they had made the ethical decision and had turned the money in to the police. My story was inspired by all those movies where people find a black suitcase with money in it and get involved in a crime.

I think I was successful in creating my story because I created a project on scratch with an animation, some dialogue and an ethical decision. The watcher is able to choose what they want to do from two different options and in reaction there is is a different ending animation. There are a couple sprites and somewhat complicated scripts. The project is appropriate for all ages and is at least minutes long. The only major thing I forgot to do was give credit to the five different backgrounds I got of google images.


What Goes Around Comes Around response

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Submitted by 16yanv on Thu, 2012-01-05 19:35.

I liked the dialogue between the homeless couple. I found it very funny how the husband was trying to be positive in their situation, making the clothing sound better than they actually are, as the wife points out they're sewn plastic bags and a Styrofoam container, haha. I noticed how I was confused by how the couple was offered a job by the policeman, because I think they have to go study and get a degree for a position first. I think the story could be improved if the husband was facing the wife instead of the other direction (while they were in the subway) and the story could be longer, because I chose the right ethical decision first and it didn't last for three minutes. The ethical dilemma was whether or not they should take the money. I understood the choices and the wrong choices were tempting. The wrong choice is tempting because we know that the couple is in a bad financial situation but it would still be wrong for them to steal the money. The mechanisms for making the choices were very clear.

I liked the situation that

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Submitted by 16lim on Thu, 2012-01-05 22:25.

I liked the situation that you came up because finding money in places are normal, but not everyone is always so ethical. I enjoyed your animation because it wasn't too fast that the dialogue went by so quickly that I couldn't read it. It all flowed smoothly. I also liked your sprites and how nicely you drew them. I thought it was great, except you could've proofread the dialogue, but that was the only mistake I could really find. The choices were understandable and was not affected in any way by the animation.

I like the details

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Submitted by 16parhamr on Tue, 2012-01-24 15:49.

I noticed that there are a lot of details that are mentioned and can be seen in your project. I liked how it was mentioned that the couple's clothes were made out of plastic and styrofoam, and I enjoyed looking at their transformation from obtaining so much money. I noticed that the bad choice led to a much wilder path than the good, and this creates variety in your project.

I really enjoyed your

Submitted by 17jalozas on Tue, 2012-04-24 13:47.

I really enjoyed your animation. I liked that it includes a situation that can happen to any normal person on a daily basis. This mad the dilemma very interesting because the viewer could relate to it. I liked how you gave the option of what direction to go to the viewer. You aught a lesson that showed that doing the wrong thing can lead to bad outcomes, while good can come from doing what is right.

I think this was a GREAT

Submitted by 17liangs on Wed, 2012-04-25 20:45.

I think this was a GREAT animation! The quality of it is excellent. The plot is easy to follow and understand. Also there is some humor in it that makes the story more fun.
The ethical story was really great too! The story is quite common and something that anyone might do. So you can connect with it and you can see why anyone could make the wrong decision. Overall it was a GREAT animation!

I thought that the animation

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Submitted by 17fallaitj on Wed, 2012-04-25 20:59.

I thought that the animation was well done, and the situation at hand was a much more difficult choice than a simple Good/Evil one. The fact that it was Christmas Eve, and the development of the character's stature in the economy also made an impact, as it would be much less difficult to pick what might've been considered the wrong choice and walk away. To add on, the aspect of being tempted to do something to benefit both you and someone you love is also a very powerful choice, so there is difficulty in picking one choices without acknowledging the other.

I really like your animation,

Submitted by 17alvareza on Wed, 2012-04-25 21:20.

I really like your animation, and I think it shows a great example of an ethical dilemma. I also like how you used this problem which many people might face, one way or another. Many people probably would not choose the correct decision because it is a tough decision,but this animaiton truly shows and teaches that, "what goes around" does "come around".

Ethical Dilemma

Submitted by 17hurtadoj on Thu, 2012-04-26 10:13.

Your animation was very interesting to watch. It made you wonder what would happen next. I love how you let the viewer choose which decision he or she wanted to watch.

The ethical dilemma was clearly presented and it took some time for the husband and wife to decide what to do, they hesitated and discussed the situation. Therefore, I don't think it was too easily resolved. Great job!