What is a good Doctor/Parent?

Feb 19, 2016
by: gsaturno

This Week I interviewed four different Oakland High scholar and I asked them what is a good doctor and what is a good parent.Most of my friends that I interviewed said the same thing.I thought they had different ideas,but it was mostly the same.

The first student I interviewed was Johnson. He answered only one of the question and that was What is a good parent? Johnson replied, “The parent has to be caring and loving to those around them”. He thinks that you have to be good not only with your family but with other people/community to be a good parent. Be a good role model to other people.

The second person I interviewed was Jason. Jason answered the other question and it was What is a good doctor? Jason replied, “A industrious doctor is a good doctor”. Doctors are very busy workers. They assist people in needs as much as possible and they help them anytime of the day. That’s what Jason believed a good doctor is.

The third person I interviewed was Jimmy Nguyen. Jimmy Nguyen didn’t really know how to answer what a good doctor is but he did answer what is a good parent. Jimmy Nguyen replied with How hard the parents work to help their children in my opinion are good parents”. Some parents around the world can’t offer their kids much,but they’re are still trying their best to provide them on what they need.

The last person I interviewed was Kyra. Kyra answered the question what is a good doctor. She replied, “Helping their patients feel relaxed and hard working doctors are in my opinion the best”. She believes that most patients sometimes are scared of hospitals and a good doctor would recognize that and help them get through it step by step even if it takes a long time. Making the patient feel safe at all times in the hospital is a good doctor.


It is tough to judge a parent

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Submitted by tsaeteurn on Fri, 2016-02-26 23:01.

It is tough to judge a parent or a doctor on how good he or she is. Their is certainly no perfect parent or doctor. But when being one of those you have to consider making them a priority than yourself. It has to do a lot with trust. Like you said kids just need the support form their parents and doctors just need to recognize the patients needs as well.

When I did this I was

Submitted by rpreziglesias on Mon, 2016-02-29 19:52.

When I did this I was surprised that most of the answers were the same. People generally seek the same things in good parents and doctors, someone who is caring, understanding, patient, supporting, trustworthy, etc. Many times though you can't categorize a person as good or bad because no one is perfect, and the characteristics of someone vary depending who you ask.

What I loved about this will

Submitted by kruss on Wed, 2016-03-02 23:47.

What I loved about this will you was the overlap between the qualities of both a good parent and doctor. Here not a lot of people answered both but like you said they're ideas are all fairly similar.

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Submitted by sroman on Thu, 2016-03-03 10:38.

First I looked at was the first comment and i see that there talking about interviewing different high school scholars but what caught my attention was when he was saying how he asked them “ what is a good parent “ that caught my attention because knowing that has nothing to do with basketball he still asked them to see if they deserve it and what a parent should know what they kid is doing .

One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is “ i thought they had different ideas, but it was mostly the same . I think this is normal because for all basketball players they’re in the same mind set as in playing basketball , they wanna be cared for from everyone and especially from your parents .

Another sentence that I felt was intresting was when he said some parents around the world cant offer their kids much, but they’re are still trying their best to provide them on what they need . This is common for a lot of students with parents and to provide them with love and all they have thats good and support in what they kid wants to do and this is what stood out to me .

Your article “ what is a good parent reminds me of something that happened to me one time i was in school and we was working on a math activity and we had visitors come in and they assume to ask us question that were about like caring and helpful. They asked me what is a good thing to do for your parents … i was like in 4 that time so it wasnt such of a hard question to answer .

Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because it was on basketball and i am very much of a fan of it . I know one day ill be in that possession and asked questions that’ll probably lead me to college , so if you write another story like this ill take my time out to read such for because its intresting and i can connect to what your asking about .