What Is The Greatest Problem Facing The World Today?

Sep 26, 2010
What is the greatest problem facing the world today?
I looked at the newspaper this morning and happened to notice a heading of an article: "Copping With War, When The Anguish Comes Home." This got me thinking. We live in a world that is filled with so many different problems and the question arose 'what is the greatest problem facing the world today?' The answer to this question is very difficult to define. Some people might say Global Warming while others might say terrorism. I don't think anyone knows the answer to this question but there are definitely some theories.
In USA Today Susan Page wrote an article titled "Poll: Climate Problems the Biggest Threat." According to her article pollution and other environmental problems are the most dangerous ones facing the world. I quote:

The Pew Research Center poll, taken in 46 countries and the Palestinian territories, found that people in countries as diverse as Canada, Peru, Ukraine, China and India identified environmental degradation as the greatest world danger, outranking concerns about nuclear weapons, ethnic hatred and AIDS.

This poll was taken in 2007 and was also the largest sampling of global public opinion ever. The poll showed that many of the countries who voted blamed the majority of the world problems on the United States. The survey likewise, showed that attitudes towards the United States had greatly plummeted since 2002 when the first Pew Global Attitudes survey was taken. In most countries who had favorable views of the United States in 2002 the US had fallen by almost 30%. Also in the article was why pollution is thought to be the biggest danger.

The poll found sharply rising concern about environmental problems as the world's biggest threat. Majorities or pluralities in 34 of 37 countries where the question was asked identified the United States as the chief culprit. In the USA, pollution was ranked lower as a concern than in any other industrialized nation. Thirty-seven percent in the USA identified environmental issues as the top global threat, compared with 70% in China, and 52% in France. Americans were more likely to call nuclear proliferation or religious and ethnic hatred as leading dangers.

The United States was one of the few countries who did not point to environmental problems as the leading concern. The USA could just be hiding from the truth but this survey is also a matter of opinion. The majority of people believe that environmental problems are the largest threat but whose to say that terrorism, starvation, poverty, lack of education, corruption, religious fundamentalism, or even science aren't huge problems facing the world today? It truly is a matter of opinion. Everyone has a different reason to believe what the biggest threat is in their country because no country is the same. The US, for example, has some major issues with terrorism. On the opposite end in Ethiopia the biggest problem might be starvation and poverty. This shows that there really isn't an answer to this question right now. Maybe someday the world will have something to unite against but until that day the answer to this question is just a matter of opinion.

Read Susan Page's whole article at http://www.usatoday.com/news/world/environment/2007-06-27-climate-poll_N.htm