What A 'Green" Means

May 22, 2011
by: CFlores

Whenever a new plant booms,

It's making a statement.

A statement for a 'Greener" tomorrow.

Plants prove this,

By showing us how unimportant our materialism is,

That food and water should be the most important part in our daily lives,

They forgive our pollution,

They forgive smokers,

They forgive our decision to place a parking lot.

Plants are easy going creatures,

They know and witness the helll that we wreak on their territory and inhabitants.


The vegetable that I stare at is also making a statement.

A statement for healthier eating.

Advocating to eradicate the doctored foods from our diets.

For a tomorrow,

Where obesity, heart-attacks and diabetes do not exist.

Of course it is up to us to tackle these problems

And undertake the statements that Mother Nature tells.

But we can only do this...together and united.


Nice Poem Christian

Submitted by ctai on Tue, 2011-05-24 09:35.

Dear Christian Flores,

Thanks for the poem about these green vegetables. I found out what these green vegetables were and it turned out to be a sweet pepper that is growing. I really liked when you said "A statement for "Greener" tomorrow. Plants prove this." I liked this because plants grow due to the nature and how much sun and water that they get. These vegetables and plants will grow with good care.