What Happens Next by Colleen Clayton

Jan 15, 2013

I finished reading the book "What Happens Next" by Colleen Clayton. I thought that the main character (Cassidy Murphy) dealt with a lot of problems that many teenagers in high school face today. Some of the problems mentioned in the book were emotional problems, eating disorders, family life, and high school. Throughout ththis book the author kept me entertained and hooked on to what happen next. There were a lot of things going in this book, which made it a little hard to keep up. But the author made all the events and characters very interesting which was why I liked this book very much.

"Her anger is like music;a familiar,raging, beautiful song that I can cling to. I cling to my mom's anger like a raft. I hang on tight and leave horror behind me" (Clayton 44).
I really liked this quote because it showed exactly how the main character, Cassidy felt when her angry mom picked her up at the school after the ski trip. Cassidy was expelled because at the ski trip she didn't follow the rules and sneaked out at midnight.

I would recommend this book to anyone who would be interested in taking an inside look of a high schooler's life. I thought that this was an interesting style of book because you could really feel how the character felt, it was like you could connect with them in real life. This book also had a lot of detail that you could really picture. Overall, I thought that this book was an easy read, but did contain a lot of meaning and moral.