What I Have Learned

May 2, 2012

Some of the most interesting things I have learned in high school, I learned in my Psychology class Junior year. One study in particular I remember was performed by Pavlov and was a study on classical conditioning. The study itself was simple, Pavlov rang a bell every time he was going to feed the dogs. After continuing to do that many times, the dogs then connected the bell to food and would, in turn, begin to salivate every time they heard the bell. Once we learned about this, I noticed references to "Pavlov's dogs" are very common and that study served as a corner stone in the world of psychology.


leaving high school

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Submitted by asheikap on Mon, 2012-05-07 10:06.

during the years of my high school I really learned a lot and hope to take my knowledge to college with me.when I first came to Bronx Academy I really didn't know much from the previous high school I came from because I never went to class and never really pay attention when I did go to class but when I came here I changed my ways and did what had to do and now ive improved my writing skills and learned more in math and biology. I'M glad i came to this school because now i'm finally getting my life together and looking forward to graduation this year.