What I need from Fremont High School

Jan 26, 2016

There is a lot of miscommunication around here on campus so I think my school needs better communication with both students and staff. If they improve their communication skills than there would not be as much problems here. When a student is able to talk to a staff member or SSO they are giving them their trust and that is what makes them feel safe.

When there is no good communication going on within the staff and students sometimes that can lead to a lot of anger and anger can lead to violent force which makes them look bad, especially the staff.

If teachers, school security, the principal and people in the main office build a stronger bond with their students then they’ll learn how to handle situations properly and it will make student want to continue to come to school everyday because they know they won’t get hurt because of how much of a safe environment it is.



Submitted by LiLiLiKingDawnTruth on Thu, 2016-02-04 17:35.

I agree on your view that better communication should be established in your school.If there was communication.I believe that your school would fix many of the problems that it has now.Communication is a basic thing that all of us do and even for school.Having such a big school,communication would be a key factor in making sure it runs smoothly.Along with helping students it would just benefit the student body,faculty,and staff.