What if we use 100% of our brain

Jun 19, 2014
by: RMorales

Do we people have powers that we don't know.According to scientist they say that humans only use 10%of our thinking. If we can use 100% of are thinking what are we capable of doing.What if we use 100% are we capable of doing, things that we can imagine like building a time machine or making a portal. What if we can build a new hole world how would it be like. What if this whole thing is true and people that know it don't what to show it to the world. We could use it to go to war.

Imagine what people could do if they could use 100% of their brain!
Some say that we would have perfect telekinesis and telepathy. I think that humans already have telepathy, they just don't use it, thus causing it to "disappear". Others have said that we could walk through walls.An active imagination is a blessing when we can create something that wasn't there before even if it’s only in our minds read a book or even the back of a cereal box to see what I mean.If all we saw were the words on the page we would only know bookstores as ancient failed experiments.

What would I do if I could of do this.
If I could of use all of this superpowers I would help poor people get a new house using my super powers I would not let know anyone that I had superpowers.superpower also would help people that are in problem for example when you are been attacked by another one or a group of people ill be there to help you.


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Submitted by crystj2 on Mon, 2014-09-22 12:45.

Hey RMorales, my name is Cryst and I'd just like to say I loved reading your post, " What if we used 100% of our brain?", primarily because that is a question I have always asked myself. You mention in your post that according to scientists humans can only use 10% percent of their brain but I have also read other studies by other scientists that have revealed that humans are able to use 100% of their brain power just not all at the same time. Link: http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/do-people-only-use-10-percent-... I also agree with the fact that you believe humans already have telepathy skills, they just don't know how to use it, thus causing it that ability to seem irrelevant, however maybe if we were able to tap into a higher percentage of our brain we could.. Something that I recommend for you to check is the movie "Lucy". This movie is about entertaining or intriguing themes and visuals, and a lot of its focus is on the ten percent of brain myth and resulting abilities.

Thanks for commenting on my

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Submitted by RMorales on Mon, 2014-10-06 14:32.

Thanks for commenting on my post and yes, today i'm going to search the movie since I saw the trailer I really liked it, but never got the time to see it and again thanks for using the time to commenting on my post.