What A Long Journey it has Been

Jun 3, 2012
by: guirol

The end of the school year was very interesting for me. I started to pick up my grades for most of my classes throughout the third and the fourth quarters. I guess it was a little too late for one class because I’m already said to go to summer school for that class but at least I was going into the right direction. As a student this year I feel good about my grades but at the same time I don’t feel that much proud of myself as a student because I know that I could’ve done way better than what I actually did. My grades weren’t as good and as high as my mom expected them to be. I slacked off for one of my classes a lot. I basically slept throughout the entire class for most of the year so I barely knew the material that was to be covered. In some ways I have met my goals because I had set a goal to be able to bring my grades up in my classes and I have accomplished that goal. For the upcoming year I’m looking forward to setting new goals for myself. This time I’ll take things seriously and try not to sleep during class so I can be able to learn the material being covered in that class.

My experience in this class has been interesting. I’ve learned many things during this entire year. Even tho I slacked off most of the time in writing class I still learned some things. I learned many things about punctuation and I learned many new words. Even though I don’t think I actually remember the definitions of them. One thing that I learned that I find to be valuable is all of the punctuation that I’ve learned. I find this to be very important as life goes on. One thing I will carry with me in my future is all the writings that I have done in Youth Voices. I think this is important to me because I can show others all the pieces of writing that I have accomplished throughout the years.

One change that I have noticed about myself throughout the past year is that I feel that I have developed as a writer. Certain teachers tell me that I am a very good writer. Only problem is that I tend not to show how good I am because I slack off a lot, but I know that will change about me. I’m looking forward for that to change come next year. As I mentioned before I have grown because I feel as if I am a better writer than I was before. These changes help me approach the goals of the person that I want to be because I want to be more than just a normal writer. I want to be able to keep improving my writing as the years go by and knowing that I’ve improved already. It just makes me want to keep improving more and more. This I believe to be true: I’ve developed to be a good writer and as days go by I know I’ll be getting better and better.