What other disease you can get from HIV/AIDS

May 13, 2009
by: mshah
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HIV/AIDS is a disease without cure. there is a recently disease came out called swine flu. This both are disease that takes your lives away from you. If you compare the HIV with the swine flu they both all most have similar effect. But the difference is that swine flu has cure and HIV don't. HIV/AIDS This is a dangerous disease for entire nation. this disease was started in u.s.a in 1898 and it spread thorough out the wold. you can find most of this disease in the continent of Africa. 100's people are suffering this disease in this continent.This disease is very easy to get and it is very difficult to get rid off. If we can't find the cure quickly enough, the population of  the world will be decrease. people with this disease have to suffer from many more other disease. stay away from HIV/AIDS. The swine flu is also spreading like wind and its killing people.
This disease killed 113 people in Mexico and 8 people in New york.

I'm learning more about HIV/AIDS right now, and particular what I'm wondering is Will there be a solution to stop the spreading of HIV/AIDS. As I was reading in my Google reader this news item caught my attention because It is informing about the woman's HIV/AIDS. when woman's have HIV/AIDS then it spread to man.

The quote I chose here is basically saying that the percentages of the woman HIV/AIDS has been increased since 1990 to 2005. it also inform which kind of woman had more HIV/AIDS. For example in 2005 black women had 64% of the HIV/AIDS.

I think this is amazing how the rate of the HIV/AIDS is increasing. If in 2005 the rate of HIV/AIDS was 64% then how much is it in 2009.

                          The percentage of new AIDS cases in women has more than doubled nationwide, from 11% to more than 26% between 1990 and 2005. The highest proportion of women living with AIDS is in New Jersey, and the state is third in the nation for pediatric AIDS cases, according to the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services. Nationally, of the 126,964 women who had HIV/AIDS in 2005, 64% were black, 15% were Hispanic, and 1% were Asian or Pacific Islander, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. AIDS is also the leading cause of death for black women between the ages of 25 and 34.


I'm learning more about HIV/AIDS right now, and particular what I'm wondering is Will there be a cure for HIV/AIDS. As I was reading in my Google reader this blog post caught my attention because it is comparing Swine flu with HIV/AIDS. swine fly just came out and thousands of people are affected. but we have treatment for this disease. There is no treatment or cure for HIV/AIDS.

The quote I chose here is basically saying that millions of people are dying and if we can't find the cure then every single of us will be affected from this disease. millions of people died from this disease and millions of are dying.

I think this is crazy because people are dying so fast and people are also getting affected fast. The speed of this disease is much more faster then the scientist.


Another random observation: In the world there are a few thousand people who have contracted Swine Flu and perhaps less than 100 that have died. In many places it is impossible to keep filter masks on the shelves.

HIV / AIDS - 32,800,000 people have HIV and over 25,000,000 have died of AIDS but we still have difficulty getting people to wear a condom and the shelves are always stocked.


The graph above shows the death caused by the HIV/AIDS disease in United States.As you can see that HIV/AIDS gives lots of other diseases. The most people that dyed were infected by HIV injury cancer.