What should a Cambodian woman be like?

Oct 9, 2013
by: dho

As a Cambodian woman, people in society might expect me to know how to cook. I fulfill this expectation when my parents wanted me to do so. Moreover, in my culture for back in the day every women didn't allow to go to school because elder people think that they might have some type of relationship with the men behind their backs. As a result, every women back in the day could just stay home and learn how to be a good wife. However, nowadays every human being have the same right to get education and be able to understand and interact with each other. These expectation have been put me down because myself don't actually know how to cook which make me feel like I'm not one of them.


Dear dho, I agree that the

Submitted by htaleb on Thu, 2013-10-10 13:21.

Dear dho,
I agree that the expectation people have on you is because me as a yemeni, we have that expectation also. We also are oppressed in going to school due to the same reasoning with the elderly men assuming that their are relationships going on in school. However, I disagree with you in the sense of feeling like you are not part of the expectation of knowing how to cook. I say this because no matter what, we are women and coming from where we come from, you will always know how to cook. That is part of our Asian life.

I don't think you should hold

Submitted by cbrashear on Tue, 2013-10-29 15:28.

I don't think you should hold yourself to cultural expectations. You lead you're own unique life and its totally fine if you don't meet certain expectations! If you want to learn how to cook, do it for yourself, not for other people. Bye!