What teens go through

May 16, 2012
by: guirol
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My topic is mainly about how teens become violent, depressed and stressed. What made me interested in this topic was watching the news, and always hearing about a teenager committing a crime or being murdered. I have multiple questions for this topic. One question I have is: What influences kids to act out? This question is the main question I am looking for an answer to because maybe it runs in the family, or watching movies or listening to certain music influences them.

An interesting piece of research that I have found was an article saying: “You have seen the news and you know the lengths that teens will go to in order to feel like they belong to a cause or a group or an ideal.” I found this interesting because Teens will go through extreme lengths just to fit into a group, or to get attention. During this research I have learned that a divorce between the parents, the death of someone, or school can be a cause to depression, stress or violence.

Research for me has been a piece of cake. I’ve been getting a lot of information, different articles, and quotes from teens themselves. A challenge that I’ve had was finding out whether stress and violence within a teen is genetic. When my work is completed, I hope to achieve complements from my lovely teacher.


Lovely teacher's comments

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Submitted by aboulhosn on Wed, 2012-05-30 10:47.

It's been nice to see that your research has been productive! I'm really looking forward to reading your paper, especially since your topic is so relevant to other teenagers your age. I'm especially interested in the correlation between stress and violence. I wonder: is violence always the result of some type of stress? What are other ways to deal with stress nonviolently?

Great start!