What would I be like if I didn't have a twin?

Sep 7, 2011

Honestly, I don't know where I'd be if it weren't for my twin brother. He is such an integral part of my life that his presence has completely changed who I am, for the better. I know one thing for certain- if it weren't for him, I would be such a lonely person. Matt's been my playmate since birth, and I don't remember a time when he wasn't there to be with me. Granted, he bossed me around and would occasionally beat me up (in a quasi-loving sibling way), but I think that this early exposure to not-so-friendly-encounters only toughened me up. 
As a toddler, he shaped my present self a lot. I wouldn't be as quick to stand up for myself, and a lot less assertive. Because of him, I am a lot more assertive. 
In grammar school and now into high school, I have fully realized how much my twin brother has changed my life. I value imagination and acting like a little kid, because that's all we do when we spend time together. I can always go to him for advice when need be, and when his response is "don't be so stupid," I know when I'm being overdramatic. He has taught me how to take hold of the difficulties that life presents and handle them with grace. 
Despite our arguments, we always manage to find a common ground. Simply fighting with him has set me up to be smart about my word choices and the arguments that I make.
Without Matthew, I would not be nearly as intelligent as I am now. Since day one, we have both competed with and learned from each other. It's like how it works with couples- we have a sort of "shared" memory space where we save and remember all sorts of stories and information because of our common experiences.

Without a twin brother, I would be a much weaker person. 

I'm always terrified of the thought of not having a twin. Not only would that shared memory space between the two of us be gone, but so would all the jokes. All the memories. All the little things that made us close.
It's such a cliche, but Matt is really, truly my best friend. He's the only person I can be with 24/7 and not be sick of. What would happen if he wasn't?
He opens up pathways for me. I meet new people from him, gain the friendship of others through him, tell stories involving him. We've always been known as "the twins".
What would happen if this stopped?
I really hope that, when I have kids, I'll have twins. I want them to have a lifelong best friend that they can rely on to make them stronger and overall better human beings. 

10 Self/ 10 World questions

`1. Are there parallel universes? Is there another “me” making opposite decisions? (universe, decision-making, bigger picture, vastness, other realities)
2. Will our economy ever get better? (United States, economy, money, financial strength, future)
3. Is time travel possible? Will it ever be possible for humans to do this? (science fiction, time, past, present, scientific advances, wormholes)
4. What will happen on “2012”? (future, end of the world, uncertainty, fear, wariness)
5.  Will we really have to evacuate certain areas because of global warming? (global warming, sea levels, humans, migration, refugees)
6. How much will the global economy change in the next ten years? (jobs, economy, globalization, technology, advancements)
7. Does karma really exist? (religion, decisions, love, evil, cause/effect)
8. Why are certain people born into certain socioeconomic environments? (chance, luck, money, poverty, childhood)
9. What will happen when we run out of fossil fuels? (energy, global market, disaster, crisis, demand)
10. Will newspapers become obsolete soon? (writing, journalism, Internet, demand, fear)

1. Will I be able to go to a good college with our financial situation? (money, scholarships, aid, fear, future)
2.  Is journalism a realistic career for me? (writing, patience, determination, drive, jobs, hardworker)
3. What will I do with myself after college? (jobs, degrees, employment, job market, fear)
4. Will I even get into a good college? (grades, extracurriculars, academic drive, applications, ability)
5. What happens if my classes are too hard for me? (grades, tests, giving up, scared, defeat)
6. What if I don’t live up to my grade and academic expectations? (failure, grades, parents, college, future, guilt)
7. What if my little brother grows up to be less than the person I want him to be? (terror, trouble, grades, partying, jerk)
8. What if I’m not happy in college? (needs, homesickness, difficulty, roomates, people)
9. What will I look like as an elderly person? (wrinkles, clothing, hair, curiosity, nerves)
10. What would I be like if I didn’t have a twin? (loneliness, solitary, weaknesses, growing up, siblings)