WHAT'S UP? - Art Class.......Uuuuuuhhhh!!!

Apr 23, 2009

        In art class, we were assigned to created an abastract painting based on a theme you choose personally.  I chose the same topic of my Personal Project, Convicted Innocence, and I have a lot of good ideas about what I can do for several of my future paintings on this theme.  But when I try to actually paint and put my ideas down on paper, it just doesnt come out how I expect it to come out.  It is actually pretty hard because there are Element of Art and Pricipals of Design that you have to eep in mind and incorprate into the final painting.  I dont know which colors to chose, I dont know how the brush strokes should look, and I'm just stuck.  So, I've been thinking a lot about my ideas and how I can convey my message to the viewer and make it look pretty too :)