what's in a name?

Dec 18, 2014

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Part 1: The poem

I am Andreina del Carmen Santos
Andreina from my father Andres
from Dominican Republic, who moved to Brooklyn 6 years ago,
Carmen from the Virgin from the church,
Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

And Santos from my father´s family.
But to my family I'm Flaca-Skinny.
Something my friend call me Rubia.
and to those who don't know me ¨Im a good friend¨
But the truth is I'm trustful
but I don't trust people who are not honest
Nice to your face and mean behind your back
I am Andreina del Carmen Santos.

Part 2: The Essay

I feel very good about my name, I know who has my name, my name is not common. I love my name because it is very close the name of my father. I love to my name, because it was a very important person take up my beautiful name.

My name comes from a very beautiful province that is my beautiful land Dominican republic. My mother gave me that second name because he liked. But she and my grandmother liked go to church. She reached her behalf mind that wing of the virgin till they gave me that name middle name. I like my middle name that soi one of those fanatical church. I like go to lot of tiny church my mother always leave me.

The name comes from a letter that combined with my dad, my name is Andreina and my dad is Andres. That my dad was in the belly of my grandmother my grandfather seek my dad that name. He said he really likes that name. My grandfather was not sure whether to put that name ami papa oh no horn to put it on. My dad told me he really likes that name because it was his parents who made the decision to put that name.


It is true, I never see you name.

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Submitted by ronald.leonardo1998 on Thu, 2015-01-22 09:53.

Its true, I never see you name In all my life, Not is common On us country because nobody is original! Everybody use a name from they friend, And I don't know why they do that, Because its more better have a original name, Like do mix and game word with the name from you wife and your name, Can be a original name, And about you nickname, Its common in D.R..