What's The True Meaning of Freedom?

Apr 17, 2012
by: rodjus
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The reason I chose this topic is because im very anxious to find out what the meaning of freedom means. Of course everybody will have a different perspective but im pretty sure there will be one part that many people will agree on. I believe that others are interested in this topic as well, but don’t fully understand the true meaning. I'm here to help them understand now.

I know for a fact that it’s called “Freedom” but isn’t free. We can’t do nothing without getting in trouble. Well maybe that’s how I see it. I still don’t understand the real meaning of Freedom so i can be wrong. This is what I believe. I also know that nothing in this world is Free, but I still have to understand the concept of Freedom.

The first article I read was “What Freedom Means to Me” This article is about a person and his definition of Freedom. I find this interesting because I was anxious to know how another person feels about the meaning of Freedom. One quote that caught my eye was when he wrote “ In a free society, each person has legal control (or "ownership") of their own body and mind.” I fought this interesting because the first thing I though of was why do police men place their hands on citizens? I believe that police men sometimes overuse their power for the wrong reasons. I’ve seen a lot of people get arrested or hit with a stick for no reason.

Another article I read was “Why is Freedom not Free?”. The first sentence i saw was “Freedom is defined as the power or right to act or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.” I was shocked to see that it said right to act or think. Oh, maybe now i know what this Freedom thing is about! Maybe you can do what you want, yea sure, but it depends what you do because the government won’t hesitate to throw you in jail and keep you there the rest of your life. But then again that's life.

I read another article right? The first thing I read was “Everybody loves freedom.” BUT WHAT DOES IT MEAN? How can people love something that they don't have. Okay, maybe they can have freedom of speech, but when you get arrested all the police man say is “Whatever you say will be used against you.” Why would it be used against you if you’re free to say whatever you want? This world is confusing; if I do more research maybe I’d find my answer.
Another sentence I found interesting was "The purpose of freedom is to create it for others." This actually had me thinking for quite a while. Automatically I thought that people need to help people to succeed. But I was always told that it’s good to do you and don’t worry about anyone else. The title of this article is “Free To Be”. It was interesting because this article had a picture of the American flag and the twin towers. This made me think of the how people should stop fighting and help each other out. I am pretty sure that if war ended and hate stopped, this world would be a great place.

“A guy finally get’s released from prison after 10 years, now he is free. Well, free from the prison that is.” That was a sentence from “What is Freedom” To me there is two different types of freedom. A freedom to do something or act such a way or free from something.

Well this answers my question. I guess that freedom doesn’t always mean to do whatever you want. Of course if you do something bad there would be problems you’d face after. I believe that freedom means having to win a war or what not. After defending your country and pride. But it can mean something different to someone else. The meaning of freedom to me is when your country has won a war and doesn't have to fight again. That’s only because of every time I would search up the word freedom, i would always see an American flag. Which means that the country has Independence that leads to freedom.








Dear Justin: I am happy about

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Submitted by giselled on Wed, 2012-04-18 11:07.

Dear Justin:

I am happy about your essay “What's the true meaning of freedom,” because many people don't experience freedom the same way as others. Freedom is a different experience and definition to everyone else. Not everything you would like to do you can do because there might be consequences to doing those things. There are laws that stop you from expressing yourself and feeling freedom.

One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is “Maybe you can do what you want, but it depends what you do because the government won't hesitate to throw you in jail and keep you there the rest of your life.” I think this stupid because then what's really freedom if we're going to get into trouble. We have freedom of speech and thats about it. Freedom of speech is not the only way to be free its just the way you express yourself in words. There are people in jail for the wrong things and they lost their freedom for good. Then you have the people who love them who are suffering outside for them and they feel their freedom taken away, why? because they might not experience life with the one person they planned their whole future with.

Another sentence that i thought was interesting was “The purpose of freedom is to create it for others.” This stood out for me because i don’t agree with this whatsoever. While we create freedom for others whose creating freedom for ourselves ? And when will have time to enjoy the little freedom we have in this world ? In airports we have to take our shoes off and even a little scarf we wear, we can't even take a bottle of lotion because others have taken our freedom we have away. Will we get it back? Me personally NOPE! its gone for good, imagine 3 or 4 years from now what ways will the laws change or who's going to blow up something in NYC. Imagine going through scanners every time you enter a train station or any building that’s 10 stories or higher. That’s not freedom it’s living under a law you MUST follow or should i say obey. Freedom is not creating is been taken away from us slowly and we don't notice because we have to much to deal with already.

Your essay reminds me of something that i saw on T.V. It was a documentary about guantanamo bay down in cuba. I saw how all these “Terrorist” are really isolated from the world. Their freedom is completely taken away and it's sad how they will die for something they believe in like their country or their leader. It’s heartbreaking to see others get confused with these terrorist and have everything taken away from them. it shows me how people are willing to lose their freedom, something so precious and something we might have for a limit.

Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because i never saw someone else point of freedom and its interesting to learn more and see what others are talking about.