When does an innocent high school student become “intimidating”?

Apr 2, 2012
by: darialisb

I'm reading Anthony Turner's article, "Trayvon Martin, Unarmed and Innocent," and I agree with him all the way because he makes a lot of sense on what he wrote. I’m wondering how a grown man can take a young adult's life away just because he felt intimidated. In particular what I’m wondering about is why they haven't put the man who killed him in jail yet.

I was reading Turner's article and it doesn't really give explanations about whether or not he is doing time so far. The man is free. This caught my attention because how can a killer still be free and he still has the gun he murdered the young adult with. Turner writes: "When does an innocent high school student become 'intimidating'..." I choose this sentences because it make sense! How can a young black man become intimidating just because he is walking down the streets with a hoodie on?

Turner also writes: “But Simply 'Looking suspicious' in someone’s eyes shouldn't give that person the right to put his hands on you. Or Shoot you in the chest." The quote I chose here is basically saying that it doesn't matter what color we are or what we are wearing. No person has the right to put his or her hands on you or even try to take your life away just because that person feels intimidated or feels scared.

The more I learn about Trayvon Martin's killing the more I'm thinking that this is crazy! How can someone take someone else's life just because he feel “intimidated”? In my opinion that shouldn't give you the right to take a young adult's life away, especially if he's walking down the streets with an iced tea and some Skittles in his hand. They should give the person that killed Trayvon many years in jail. My question is the same as Anthony Turner's: When does an innocent high school student become intimidating or suspicious just because he’s a black kid with hoodie? If the little man wasn’t bothering you or putting his hands on you, it shouldn't give him the right to pull out a gun a shoot him, then play innocent.