When Will They Get Rid Of this Curse?

Mar 19, 2015

When I read the vignette “The Danger of Protection” I felt anguished for the girls who work for prostitution as well as Lakshmi. I think of the girls who come to the city every year, even every hour with a dream of getting a better life and get trapped with the prostitution. Lakshmi is one of those girls who have come to the city to work as a maid but her life becomes a threat and her sweet dreams shattered.

Lakshmi was a responsible girl who used to spend her time with her sweet mother who is always very careful to her daughter. Lakshmi enjoyed her free time making fun with her mother and her goat Tali. But when she comes to the city to have a better life her life totally changed and her sweetness of her childhood vanished. The syndrome of the city life had taken away her palatableness of her teens.

However, in this moment she had to be in bed with lot of unknown persons who were total strangers to Lakshmi. This situation became more complicated when she had sex with them without protection because as she was having sex with a lot of men at the same time Lakshmi had possibility to get HIV virus from others which causes AIDS disease. So though she is working in a prostitution she still could use protection to get rid of diseases like AIDS. But she could not use that because by forcing her customer to use condom she might lose her job and her boss Mumtaz could take away her life for doing so.

I think what also makes this moment so bitter is the knowledge that, all around the world, huge amounts of girls are being abused every second and they are heading towards the deadly disease of AIDS. CDC estimates that 1,201,100 persons aged 13 years and older are living with HIV infection, including 168,300 (14%) who are unaware of their infection. 35 million people are living with HIV in the whole world and of those 3.2 million are under 15 years old. So we can see that massive number of people are getting this disease by sex without protection among them sex workers are a huge number.

So am I left wondering, what happens to girls like Lakshmi, or others boys and girls that are being abused every day in U.S. and in the whole world? In my mind every day thousands of questions arise, those flow me in a deep puddle of question where I cannot find any answers of these. Is these girls don’t have their rights to live as a normal human being? Don’t they have their rights to lead their lives by their own wishes? Don’t they have their own choices? Are the girls like Lakshmi, only baubles of the men? When will they get rid of this social curse? How many more girls like Lakshmi would be trapped and be victim of this execration?

I don’t know the answers of these questions and I don’t how human can survive without almost anything? What do you all think?