When you sneeze..

Jan 4, 2010
by: achan

As the saying goes, does your heart really stop when you sneeze? Why do we say "bless you"? How and when did this start? When I was just a toddler, I thought the phrase was "bleshhu" because every time it was used, it was slurred.. It was until grade school, I learned that the correct way of saying it was "bless you". And then I was told that people say "bless you" because your heart stops for a millisecond?

"Sneezing can also be triggered by a sudden exposure to a brilliant light, a somewhat full stomach, and rapid changes in the climate or temperatures. This is something that I can relate too. Do you ever sneeze right after eating a meal? where there is exposure to some bright light, I will always sneeze.
Does your heart really stop when you sneeze? (literally) to sneeze. Don’t tell your kids that, because it is not true. Sometimes we may feel like our heart is going to stop, but it doesn’t. cough, it may feel like our heart is going to stop."http://www.abcarticledirectory.com/Article/What-Causes-Sneezing/756648

I found these two paragraphs from a blog. I'm not sure if it's true or not because everyone is free to say what they want. But I do find some truth to it. Sometimes, when I look directly into bright light, I tend to sneeze. Maybe it's just a coincidence. But when I look into the bright morning sky, my eyeballs tingle and that tingle advances towards the middle of my face. Maybe I'm just imagining things? Well, that's something everyone can try out.

"By saying "Bless you", it is believed that you are preventing evil spirits from entering the sufferer's body through the nostrils."http://www.wisegeek.com/why-do-people-say-bless-you-when-you-sneeze.htm

"Several possible origins are commonly given. The practice of blessing a sneeze, dating as far back as at least 77 AD, however, is far older than most specific explanations can account for.

A legend holds that it was believed that the heart stops beating and the phrase "bless you" is meant to ensure the return of life or to encourage your heart to continue beating."http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bless_you

These are a few quotes from two sites that I wanted to share. It's kind of interesting that people would think this way. My theory was that maybe people say "bless you" because your heart stops..I mean.. that was the most valid explanation. Every time I sneezed, it felt as if my heart stopped for a millisecond. Doesn't it? But to think that it was commonly used during the "Black Plague" is also reasonable..I guess..

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Interesting post Andrea. I

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Interesting post Andrea. I agree with you that it was "bleshhu" because every time it was used, it was slurred. Now I know the correct way to say it is bless you. Makes more sense now. Also, when I look into a bright light, I began to sneeze. I guess its because of the dust in there. I enjoy reading your posts because the title always catches my attention and your posts are very intersting to read. Looking forward for your next one. =)