Where do I belong?

Jan 29, 2015
by: hxu

Where do I belong? My mom probably, because she gave me the life. My school probably, because it gave me education. My Earth probably, I exist because it exists. I believe I belong to everything even though not everything belongs to me.

When I opened my eyes for first time to look at this world, I felt everything was strange and interesting, but I cried. When my heart started jumping up and down, I felt that I am a weird organism or monster. I can imagine, inside a warm hug, under the light in the operation room, I could see her smile but tears inside her eyes. I know she had a hard time, maybe I was sort of fat and big. That day, I came to this world and visited, with crying. The person who gave me the birth, the person wasted most of her energy and blood to push me out, the person who did not leave me alone when the first time I came to this world, is my mom. I belong to her, because my oldest home in my life was her little belly, and I lived there for nine months.

The country I live in, the street I walk through, the sky I look at, is my mother Earth. The territory around me, with building, with sunshine, with people and footprints. A huge ball contains ocean, mountains, animals, human and me, I live inside of it. I belong to my mother Earth, because it gives me the place to live, room to sleep, food to eat. If I die on one day, I still belong to it, I never gone.

After I read this article http://blogs.kqed.org/education/2014/10/17/where-do-you-belong/ and I realized where do I belong. My mom, my Earth, they are important to me so I would like to belong to them, forever.