Where does the human begin and where does he or she end 6

Nov 17, 2009
by: jsmith
What I'm good at

Well today i will talk about rule number 3 in the human cycle. I have not really been thinking about the topic that much cause i have been so busy studying. This rule is called repetitive emotion. It is more of an act, not in a constitutional sense but an act. An act we have no choice but to follow. Nowadays, there are so many people out there who give off a sense of repeated personality. This is a huge flaw in society and the human kingdom. It devastates life and man and thing. One of our main goals in life is get over obstacles and impediments, one cannot fulfill such a feat if one is to run into the same wall over and over again. Wheres the sense in that? As i have mentioned in an essay i wrote a while back, we are always ambulatory..we are constantly on the move. This in turn means that we cannot stop for anything...we are like time, we don't wait for anything or anyone. When we live out the same basic minuscule emotions over and over again, we live the same part of our life in the same manner.  Everything can just be amalgamated and summed up as one big movie. Yes, we are a kingdom similar to that of the animals. When you repeat, you are only giving off the same zeal you gave away a minute ago and after a while, it starts to become geriatric and trite. Repetition is one small aspect of our plight and  our attainment of deterrence that has been taking place for years. We are the inducement of our own anguish and despair because we set forward that nasty festering spiral which has waned the most benevolent of man. There are many examples of this so called repetition. I will talk more about repetition involving emotion in a later paragraph but first I would like to give some more examples involving repetition in other forms and where we went wrong.

Love....over...and over...and over
The title basically sums up the whole point and this paragraph for that matter. Love in a repetitive form is pretty obvious to me. I see it everyday, the same old people making the same old mistakes. It seems rather weird to me because the discrepancies of love can definitely be avoided and we can digress on to a better path. Therefore, the divorce rate would go down and less people would be hurt. Ill give you an example and you tell me if you agree. Lets say you have a typical couple who fell in love at first site etc etc and now they both agree that they are in indefinite affection for each other. After a while, the guy becomes increasingly insatiable and starts to develop a drammish heart for the girl...as a matter of fact, his heart is disappearing. He resorts to cheating and gets caught, they subsequently break up. A few weeks later, he comes back..."oh i am sorry and i cant eat or sleep or do anything else without you etc etc" ones he ends his little plea..she simply says i will give you another chance. He does it again and the same thing happens. That fervor or that urge to do it again is what makes the world spin a little slower each and everyday. Now he will never leave this part of his life behind. Remember that we do things only for those acts to become memories. This young man however will stay in one place. Time will fly past him like a bird and he will gray and rot making the same dumb mistakes over and over again. It does not have to be this way but it is.

Human cycle: repetitive emotion
Have you ever come across someone who was screaming or crying or laughing repetitively? I know that is rather an odd question but it pertains to my explanation in this paragraph. repetitive emotion really does damage the cycle of human emotion on a number of ways. The first way being very obvious, the deterrence of the cycle. When you repeat an emotion, it creates sort of an impediment for the next emotion that is on its way. This happens over and over again. In a sense, the line of the cycle starts to deteriorate due to the fact when the cycle gives off something that it already did in a consecutive way, the point of it being there becomes less and less pointless. It loses its value. Also, when you repeat an emotion,you are ruining peoples lives in a way or making it worse because like i said in the earlier paragraph, we need to get to where we need to get to and that,s just it. No if and,s or buts and when you give off the same aura or energy, you are invading someone Else's personal emotional space. You see, i know i have mentioned before that we are connected as humans in a lot of ways but since we are connected, we have no choice but to respect and cherish one another. Also, think about this...eventually if you keep acquiring the same emotion over and over, that will reshape your brain in a negative way and then you send off sort of this negative cancer into the cycle and suddenly, the whole cycle is corrupt and people all over the place are picking up signals they aren't supposed to. There is a quote that relates to my topic and this essay.

Quote: One aspect of damage

"At a time when so many of us are working ourselves to death, struggling to support ourselves and our loved ones, and seeking balance in our personal and professional lives, it seems that there is no time to step outside of our immediate experience and ask ourselves the deeper questions about

community, connection, and what it means to reach out and help another human being.

Given the break-neck pace of our own lives, at the end of the day there just doesn't seem to be enough left of ourselves to give--emotionally or financially"


 This quote totally relates to my essay due to the fact that he says that we are basically drained when we come home from work which in turn means we just dont have enough energy to help someone else in need. I don't think that's the reason why we cant help, the reason why we cant help is because A lot of people are not attaining that key emotion that they need to help people due to them creating the same false emotion within themselves. I have said this before, any emotion that comes from you is not real...its mechanical. Only external emotions are real and when you create a false imitation of another emotion that you felt already, you block off the right emotion from entering your system which means people who cant help really cant help. It has nothing to do with energy and such, they just don't have the mindset. For example, if an old lady falls to the ground and you see her, unless there is a lack of the emotion or feeling of altruism, nothing else will stop you. It doesn't take "energy" to help an old lady. Ther eis this picture that is quiet lovely. It relates to my topic.

Picture: Mirrors....

Well this picture definitely relates to my topic because the man standing here is looking at none other then himself..or his reflection in lamens terms. This is only one stage of his life and his body. He has gone through many before but this is the one he is up to. He is moving at the right speed, that is why he is smiling. There is no repetitive emotion slowing him down and he has not been doing any harm to anyonebut you see, not all people are that fortunate. Some people stay the same way forever and no matter how old they feel or how much they feel there mind has chnaged..they will see the same person and live ot the same old lies and dreams all because of acquiring false things. You dont want that....