Where does the human begin and where does he or she end? 7

Dec 1, 2009
by: jsmith
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Where does the human begin and where does he or she end?
Within the portals of my mind, there is so much logic that remains inconspicuous yet it is right in front of me. It is what helps me to write these kinds of essays. Today i will again depend on my logic to dig deep within the body of the human cycle and i will explain another rule. I have definitely picked up on A lot of things since i have been on this earth and one of the many things that stand out to me and i still see these days is the constant tangle of everything. We try to amalgamate and acumen everything all at once and then we wonder why the crap always hits the fan. There never is a sound day,there never is a day where things go completely right. We never have that benign second. There is this huge web of lies and subterfuge-like hate that we create for our own benefit and betterment. We never see past the mountains not because they are in the way...but because we do not want to. I have noticed that as everything becomes more and more unclear,we also try to entangle everybody else,s mind with our,s and that it is possible yet we should not do it. We impede each others thoughts with all the downgraded talk and we age even faster when that happens. Let me explain something,everything starts out by itself...a jigsaw puzzle put together starts out as pieces by themselves. The individual is its own and can never be anything else. We must find and create ourselves to the fullest extent before we reach out to other people. We all know that something that is not filled up cannot give off anything. A pipe needs water to run and so on. To get back to another rule that i would like to explain, there is the tangle of feeling. I will explain this more in the next paragraph. People only have themselves at the end of the day and the day in itself only has us. Depending on what we do during the day obviously, that is how it will turn out. The problem is not enough days are turning out alright or great and that takes away a piece of the next day. What we cant eat,we throw away or we shribble into nothing. We try to erase what we think are mistakes.

Rule 4: Do not tangle emotion
You should never try to entangle 2 emotions at once. Never try to be happy when you are sad. The mixing of emotion creates a pot of  negative stamina and force. Think of it like this, if you know anything about imperialism then you know that there were A lot of black tribes within Africa and when the Europeans invaded, they put some of those tribes within the same area and those same tribes already had issues so there was a war obviously. You do not try to rile up a bunch of emotions at once because it deafens everything else around you. It definitely is your 6th sense. The cycle is all senses wrapped up into one. Like i said in the last paragraph, every individual thing can only be its own cause that,s why it exist. This goes for emotion as well, emotions are only themselves. Feelings don't share any other type of bond except in the way they function in relation and respect to each other.

Quote: Enlightenment

"Contrary to popular belief, enlightenment is your natural state. In a sense there is no “effort” needed to become enlightened but more a “letting be”. Things in the way that you have accumulated mentally are stopping you from the direct experience of enlightened being. Why would God only let someone who has been lucky enough to be given a good education or spent 10 years in a Buddhist monastery gain access to enlightenment? What is you only had a month to live?"

I am a big proponent of this quote because it talks about just letting things be and not getting in the way of what is. This relates to my topic because this is the same thing as saying you should not tangle up your emotions, instead just let everything flow naturally and you will be at peace. The cycle will be at peace. You are paying you god-given debt to society and it is not hard to do in this sense. Enlightenment or whatever you wanna call it can only be attained when we free ourselves...i mean really free ourselves. Break the fetter and start living a semi-lavish life. If all you are doing is concocting a big black imaginary cauldron of disgust and contempt then you will find yourself staying in one place mentally for the rest of your life. There was this quote that i saw on the bus, if you keep doing what you always did then you will be where you always were or something like that but I think we get the point,i think weve come to an understanding. Think about this, the word enlightenment is enlightened itself because all the parts of the word are there and there is no mix up...wouldn't you rather have a straight path to your destination then a whole bunch of intersections and digressions?

Picture: Enlightenment



This picture totally relates to my topic because it shows what happens within you when you mix up all of the emotins that you come across. You create this global,yes it does not just affect you but you create this mass blanket of emotional death on everybody that you come across and it has a ripple effect. Dont get caught up in the now and what everybody is telling you to do, just express yurself because emotions have feelings and you hurt them when you try to coalesce one with another. Do you tangle?