Where I've Been and Where I'm Going

May 24, 2010
by: ArmenS

I feel that my work has progressed over the year and has become more interesting and thought provoking. In the beginning of the year I had little knowledge about lighting and object placement in a picture, but now I know the fundamentals of these concepts and I know how to incorporate them into my work. I like to take photographs of cityscapes with different sorts of lighting provided by the sky and reflections in the water. The reason I take photographs like this is because I like to see the way the different natural environments react to and contrast the urban environments. In the future, I wish to further my knowledge of lighting and weather because I feel like these elements of lighting and different weather will contribute to my urban photographs and give them a natural element to balance the not-so-natural urban environments.

I have to decide at what time it would be best to take photographs with the most primal lighting or sky. It is difficult to pinpoint the time of day with the best looking sky or the best lighting for photographs, and that is where Photoshop lends a huge helping hand. I will at times take a photograph of an area and then be in a completely different area where I like the look of the sky better. I'll take a picture of that sky and use Photoshop to incorporate that sky into my original picture to make that photo more dynamic. This is also where a knowledge of lighting comes into play. If you put a different sky from a different photograph onto another one, there might be differences in shadows and light sources. Different Photoshop techniques help in this respect because I am able to change the lighting of the photograph to better suite the changed light source. All of these things cross my mind when creating a new piece, because all of these things help to create a better piece.

Before this year, I would take photographs with little thought about the real position of the camera, or of the lighting and of the weather. This is mostly because I would take pictures whenever I saw something that I thought was interesting, not when I would set out to find photos. Though I do still mostly take pictures when I see something that I think is interesting rather than setting out to take photos, I now pay more attention to the placement of the camera according to the subject I am picturing, and also I pay attention to the lighting and most other things. Though things like these aren't easy to control, I'm always able to use Photoshop to edit these things to make them more appealing to viewers. I hope to explore in the future some more extreme weather conditions, which will make the settings I take pictures of pop out more and be even more interesting. I'm still growing as a photographer and I'm looking forward to taking more photographs.



I really like this photo!

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Submitted by SarahTL on Wed, 2010-09-01 11:07.

I really like this photo! Everything you put together in this picture really blends well together!