Which minecraft mode is better?

Mar 16, 2016

In Sean C.Duncan essay, “Minecraft, Beyond Construction and Survival,”from https://via.hypothes.is/http://press.etc.cmu.edu/files/WellPlayed-v1n1-1..., the author wrote an essay about minecraft and all its features.

When we consider the issue of video games, some might wonder why there is tension between both mode’s creative which gives the player unlimited resources, and immortality while survival mode you have to gather resources and survive the night.Sean C.Duncan article addresses this question because they think there is very little reason for survival because after a point it's pointless playing survival without mods. (Game modifiers)

Another point Duncan makes in his essay is “Many have identified that Minecraft provides opportunities for creative construction well beyond the need for the survival mode of the game” What if new people start to play minecraft in creative mode then what's the challenge in being immortal and having unlimited resources.

A third point addressed by Duncan is “there is an appealing flexibility in Minecraft to serve as more than just a play space, but also be a platform for new, meaningful experiences”this is significant, because building a house or a castle can relieve stress in a way.

What we can appreciate about this writer's work is that he showed his opinions about the game Minecraft.We can look forward to seeing what he writes next, because he has in interesting way to write what he likes and dislikes about minecraft.



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Submitted by kfasimpaur on Wed, 2016-03-23 14:26.

Gabriel, thanks for writing this article (and for being on Youth Voices Live).

Your points about playing in creative mode vs. survival mode are interesting. I agree that the opportunity for creative construction is valuable. I'm curious which mode you like to play in.

Here is a video another student made about Minecraft that might be of interest to you: http://k12onlineconference.org/2012/10/31/creating-and-playing-in-minecr...

And here is another article and video you might want to check out: http://www.hawaiiweblog.com/2015/07/22/minecraft-classes

Keep writing!


Creative vs. Survival

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Submitted by eric_yu2001 on Thu, 2016-03-24 11:57.

I personally like survival, because it makes you do work. Creative mode, you can go bombastic and place diamond blocks everywhere. In survival, it requires a player to think around obstacles and to get strategies, such as mining, farming and crafting.

And although I don't really play this game, it does bring up good counterpoints and perspectives.