Who am I?

Jun 2, 2015
by: rdouk

Me, being in that young adult/teenager transition, I face many obstacles that require me to live my creed. I have a burning desire to be independent ; a "dominant" female if you will. (No not the 50 Shades of Grey Context). I’m going through a number of changes and am still currently adapting to new surroundings that are completely alien to me. During this time, I have found myself slipping ; it’s time for me to remember my creed and once again - live it. I have come to terms with the fact that i’ve let certain people in my life that I do somewhat depend on ; a part of me will always believe this is a weakness but I won’t let depending on them destroy me, instead I realize that might just be the key to achieving my goal. I have a burning desire to be a strong figure, I want to hold my own, be successful, and in time - I will. That is my Creed.

Artistic Statement: Independence, Strength, Impassive, Indefatigable, Determined, Successful

I chose my format because writing is the way I prefer to communicate with others. Writing is my way to express myself and my emotions and I feel that I am best at. When it comes to emotions, even a few words says a number of things. I came up with these words by analyzing my creed process thoroughly and choosing words that have left an imprint on my mind. When this project was first introduced to me I had no idea what I stood for exactly, and I felt like I had no clue who I was. Finally, being able to answer the question, "What do you stand for?" is a great relief that I am able to answer this question confidently, and stand by my answer. I learned why I am the way I am, and why I do the things I do. I learned what my creed is.