A Whole New World

Nov 5, 2009
by: Syd12


This is my final photo I took this year. It was also taken on my 4th roll of film. As I explained before my 4th roll of film came out nicely and there was no problems with it. This was another photo that was my favorite out of the 3 I chose from. The printing process for this photo was a little difficult because of all the different shades of trees. I did use a number 4 filter with this photo and I also did burn and dodge the trees for about 5 extra seconds. The whole photo was about 15 seconds. The thing I learnt when I made this photo was how you can burn and dodge trees in front of the main photo.
The elements I see when I look at this are movement because your eye moves up with the trees. I saw many diagonals with the little branches from the trees going in all directions. Also the top third line separates the sky and mountain. I picked this photo because I think it is very cool how it shows a different country. I think to the viewer the mood might be very peaceful with the water and trees in front of the main view makes it look confusing and very intriguing. The thing I like best about this picture is the view of Canada and how close I used to live near it. What I would do differently next time is mess with the contrast more to make the picture better


Hey! I really like this

Submitted by Sydney1050 on Fri, 2009-11-06 12:55.

Hey! I really like this photo! I have always loved black and white photography. I think that it is a really good nature photo. I think that if you messed with the contrast it would make the photo even better than it already is.

 Yeah I was thinking the

Submitted by Syd12 on Sat, 2009-11-07 12:07.

 Yeah I was thinking the same thing. Thank you very much :)