Why African-Americans Are Being Killed Disproportionately

Nov 20, 2015
by: aatkins

African-Americans are being killed by police officers at greater rates than other races and we need to solve the problem. To do this we first need to solve bigger problems that are deeply rooted in our society.

Many researchers have looked at this problem and there could be many reasons as to why these killings are happening. One particular viewpoint that stuck out to was when I read an article written by Sendhil Mullainathan that said that the killings were based on bigger problems that are happening in our society. I agree with this to a great extent because with everything that has happened I won’t say that all police have been without racial bias, but when you are put situations such as African-Americans and police things like this do happen.

Social Problems

Many of the killings that happened could be traced back to that many of African-Americans do live in poverty. And where are the police most active? In poor neighborhoods! When we begin to realize this and begin to get rid of poverty within our nation then we can look at the problem and it might just solve itself.

David Simon is a writer/producer that makes TV shows about these deeply rooted urban issues in our society. Emily badger wrote an article on his interview on the Washingtonpost and Barber said that he thinks “the presidential election ignores the poor…” This gives us all something to think about.

Most people that are old enough usually go out and vote but when they do that do they think about what the person they vote for can do about the social problems that plague our society. Poverty has been around for as long anyone in the nation can remember as well other problems such as racism and homophobia.

Taking Steps to Stop the Problem

I think we have taken some big steps to try and prevent some of these problems but we can’t stop fighting because they are what cause the smaller problems. Killings Such as Trayvon Martin who was killed because he was stereotyped as a bad person. I don’t think fair to anyone to have their life taken away because of a stereotype that someone has given them without getting to know them.

I think time for everybody to stand up and take a stand and help to stop the big problems and stop ignoring. A problem with our society today is that we don’t look at problems until they are effecting us personally and by then it is too late to change it so we have just try and live with it.

If we all take a step to end the poverty it will be over faster than we expect. It doesn’t just have to be poverty we’re trying to end though we could use these steps to end other big social problems. I think when we think about it we do more than we think can really make impact we just have to try.


Do most people vote??

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Do most people vote??