Why are teens being sexually active if we are being taught about it more than those in the past? prt 4

Jan 4, 2009

If you can not see, this image shows two stuffed animals sitting against the bottom of a bed.  hanging behind them are jeans and a black shirt.  I chose to set it up this way because the stuffed animals represent childhood.  when we were young most of us had a special teddy bear or something that we ADORED and couldnt stand losing.  This image is suppose to show how some very young teens abandoned the childhood world (you can call it) to do adult things.

    i did have some problems taking this picture.  One was the stuffed animals didnt want to stay seated and use to fall on their side and that looked pretty weird.  Another was the jeans looked like they were neatly placed in the position they are in, i tried throwing it against the bed to solve this problem but it was still the same.  At the end i jus made the jeans into a ball so to wrinkle it, and then just put it on the side of the bed.  I realized all the time i had taken to get the jeans to look "right" was a waste of time.  it turns out they dont show much in the picture.  the light in the room was not enough and the bed is almost jammed up against a wall.  i forgot how but i managed to lay down on the floor pressed against the wall to take the picture which was a little blurry, but i think i like that effect on it.


Dear 12maldonadoc,   This

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Dear 12maldonadoc,

  This is so true. You see 12 year olds getting prengnant. You could have did flash on your camera



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Actually a lot of schools don't emphasize on sex ed. as much as they should. People blame sexual referenced commercials, movies and advertisements for teens behavior, but I don't think thats the problem. A lot of schools may have sex ed. but most of them just tell teens "Don't have sex. Its a sin and you will go to hell" (mostly in southern states). This caused teens to resort to anal sex which must have led to STD's.

We need to explain to teens why you shouldn't have sex at a young age. at such a young age, don't throw your life away for a simple single moment of pleasure. My sister knew a very sucessful woman who confessed to having gotten pregnant as a teen. if she hadn't gotten an abortion she wouldn't be where she is now. Also, a lot of teens think that if they do get pregnent they can just get an abortion. Abortions are very risky procedures that should not be taken lightly. One slip up and the woman could bleed internally and die.

Why take the risk? Love doesn't need to be proven by that silly simple act. Show your partner you love them by waiting and letting them have a better future.

[[ Haha. I have to make this comment too. You threw the teddy D:? You basically threw your childhood at a wall! Rofl. Sorry had to mention it XD]]

The captions...

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I really like how the captions in your picture connect to the idea of sex. When people grow older, they leave behind certain things in their life and move on to others. The teddy bears are a symbol of our youth, which was left behind for promiscuity and all the "bad" things teens are known for doing. But even the message the teddy bears say made me laugh. So one is saying I'm lonely, and the other is saying why did you stop playing with me. It's the same concept as when some girls or guys think their partner is neglecting them if they are not giving them what they want, forcing them into things they may not want to do.

i LOVE this picture

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i first want to say that your picture was really cute along with the caption.


i do agree tho that teens can sometimes abandon their childhood to "adult" things. i think that most teens don't want to be looked apon as the girl or boy who still does child-ish things. i remember in sixth grade i was embarressed to tell my friends that i still watched the disney channel because they moved on to more adult type of shows and movies. i look back at it and find myself very stupid because if there is something I like doing or watching or playing with, then i should be able to do that without paying attention to others' opinions. i think the same should apply when making decisions on sex, especially since it can make or break you.

great job!


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I really like this picture because it shows the loss of innocence. Thanks for your efforts in taking this picture. I think it came out really well. It actually looks pretty professional. I like the message too. The symbolism works really well for your topic and this is a really well thought of idea. I was taking pictures of my dolls too and I found out how hard it is to get it right. I appreciate your efforts. (: