Why Are Teens So Moody?

Apr 15, 2012
by: concha
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I bet many parents wonder why their teenage child is so moody. This topic caught my attention because my best friend gets moody out of nowhere. Luckily I can handle it, but sometimes I wonder why does she get so moody one second and the next second she’s fine. I think most people will say that a person that turns moody is bipolar or depressed.

One thing I know for sure about this topic is teens just reach that age where they don’t like to be bothered. They also get annoyed very easily. For example, sometimes when I’m at softball practice, I just get so annoyed when people tell me what to do or if someone says something to me over and over! I don’t know if it’s my hormones kicking in or if I really get annoyed. Situations like that makes me wonder why I act this way; that’s why I chose this topic.

In an article, “Why Is My Teen So Moody?” by Barbara Poncelet provided useful information about this topic. One sentence that stood out to me was: “A rule of thumb is that if the moodiness doesn't last long, it's probably normal. So if your teen has a bad night and is irritable, but is good most of the week, it might be just temporary moodiness.” This statement helped answer my question because it states if the moodiness is temporarily or bipolar illness.

In an article I’ve read it said, “Researchers suggest a prognosis, but find no cure. New research suggests that petulant behavior could actually be due to normal brain "remodeling" that occurs during adolescence.” This statement really stood out to me because I realized that when I get moody it just comes naturally. This proves to me that moodiness is completely normal for teenagers.

Another article stated “The occurrence of depression increases markedly in the years following the onset of puberty, and most individuals who are eventually diagnosed with a psychotic disorder show a marked rise in adjustment problems during adolescence.” This pretty much explains itself. Moodiness occurs once a person reaches puberty. I thought it was just depression, but this article proved me wrong.

Once I’ve read those three articles, I came across another one that really had me thinking. In this article it stated, “Hazell suggested that while bipolar disorder could occur in teenagers and was serious and disabling when it did many young people had been diagnosed with the condition using broader criteria, when they suffered from "lookalike" mood issues that would never develop into the more serious disease.” This means that even though a kid is diagnosed with a bipolar disorder, it may not actually be as serious as the actual disease that also causes moodiness. Now I know that there is more than one disease that makes a person moody. This also makes me wonder if my moodiness is normal or am I diagnosed with bipolar.

In this last article I read it said, “Hormone rushes, increasing independence, choosing options, arguing with friends, and moving away from home, can also cause teenagers to experience unstable moods.” These are symptoms of moody teens. From what I’ve learned from the first article I’ve read, these symptoms make a teenager moody temporarily.

After doing all this research I’ve learned that being moody is perfectly normal unless one is diagnosed with bipolar. Being moody has many symptoms. Sometimes us teens can’t control it because our hormones start to kick in and do its job.

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