Why Are We So Intrigued By Superheroes?

Apr 15, 2012
by: artgui

As a child I always loved superheroes. I used to collect some of the comic books and they were always interesting to me. I noticed that everyone was the same way. But I never came to thinking why until now. Everyone seems to enjoy the stories of a superhuman person defeating the bad guy. But time has passed and superheroes have gotten darker and more in depth. But people still seem to love superheroes. It isn’t one of those things that seem to die down with maturity. They are still a lot of adults that love and follow superheroes. Especially now with all of the movie releases in the past years.

I know that superheroes have existed for a very long time. Some consider mythology to be the beginning. With stories of achilles and others. Others think that is started with Superman in the june of 1938 with the comic “Action Comic”. Historians to this date haven’t came up with the solid date to when the phenomenon of superheroes started. I also know that comic books have a huge crowd when it comes to collecting them. The first comic book “Action Comics” is selling for $100,000 on ebay.

The first article that I read expressed the idea that superheroes have been talked about for hundreds of years. It all started with the greeks and their stories of heroes like Hercules and Achilles. And stories of their gods. So now I know that superheroes aren’t something new that just started this generation. I know that people have been interested with superheroes for a long time. This article also expresses the idea of how superheroes relate to us. He mentions a iron man comic book called “The Demon in the Bottle.” This comic book informs people of the dangers of alcohol and how to avoid it.

The second article that I read explained me the rise of comic books. I learned that the first comic book hero was not Superman. Actually it was a man called Dr.Fury. His costume consisted of a trench coat, fedora, and a bandana. I learned that the reason why Superman is always thought to be the first superhero is because he was the first to become widely known. He kicked off the whole superhero scene and this is why he is the most popular.

The third article that I read talked about the idea that superheroes are kinda similar to a religion. This may seem crazy to think about but it makes sense when you think about it. Us humans look for answers for everything. But some things are can’t be answered. That’s why we make stories of gods which people believe in. And so superheroes are also like this. Greek mythology stories was a way to explain the origins of humans in a rational way. We as humans like to hear about stories of people who overcome their troubles and this is why we love superheroes. And this is one reason why we love superheroes so much.

The fourth article that I read explained to me the symbolism of superheroes. Superheroes are a symbol to the perfect human we wish to become. Look at Superman for example, he is the alpha human we all wish to become. They overcome all of their fears and are brave, two qualities that we all wish we had.

The fifth article that I read talked about how we all wish to become the best version of us we can be. To overcome our limitation as a human is our dream. And that is one reason why we love superheroes. They exceed the limitations and do things that we all wish we could. We all want to find that one thing within us that makes us better. And that is what superheroes symbolizes.

After all of this research I have came to the conclusion that Superheroes are more than just a story. They are a symbol of the person that we wish to become. The person who does all of the right things and that is brave and strong. That is why we have been fascinated by superheroes for so long. I think that this fascination will live on for the rest of our lives.

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Why Are We So Intrigued By Superheroes?

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Submitted by shamars on Sun, 2012-04-22 16:09.

I like your post about " Why Are We So Intrigued By Superheroes?" because I'm still a big fan of the concept of Superheroes and the roles that they all play. I think its cool that you also added what everyone believe to be the origin of Superheroes. I never knew about most the stuff that you were talking about like when you wrote " I learned that the first comic book hero was not Superman. Actually it was a man called Dr.Fury.” That was amazing you find out because I do a lot of comic related art and I think that’s it’s good for an artist to at least know the origin of where my work come from. As I read more about your post I saw some rather interesting comments like when you said “ It all started with the Greeks and their stories of heroes like Hercules and Achilles.” It’s kind of interesting how the stories started with demi gods fighting the Kraken, giants, and Manticores. I enjoyed reading your post and commenting to it so thanks for writing it was really good keep writing good by.

Nice Post!

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Submitted by natalia.suruj on Thu, 2014-04-24 12:59.

Dear Guillermo,

Your post, " Why Are We So Intrigued By Superheroes?" was very fascinating. I believe one is intrigued to superheroes not because of their characteristics but the deeds they do to save the day. Superheroes are major to the media because of the attentions children give out when they see there superheroes saving the day and fighting crime.

One sentence that stood out to me was: " Superheroes are a symbol to the perfect human we wish to become.". Humans enjoy learning from one another. A better way to learn about helping one another is by the creation of a superhero who would do good deeds to "save" the day. The more exciting adventures our superhero had influences one to make a difference.

Your post reminds me of my enjoyment when watching "Marvel's The Avengers". Each character had their own characteristic that makes them unique. Their hilarious and serious characteristic is similar to many people. Different personalities describe many people today and the little deeds one could do to make a difference. Such as Iron Man being an arrogant rich man who in the end saves the day by risking his own life for the civilians.

Thank you for writing. I enjoyed learning about superheroes and how they intrigue people. I hope to see more on superheroes.