Why Bernie Sanders Should Be Our Next President


Hey Travis, I'm totally with

Submitted by connorc on Fri, 2016-05-27 13:15.

Hey Travis,
I'm totally with you in supporting Bernie Sanders 2016. Not only is he extremely preferable to the other competitive choices (Clinton and Trump), he has revolutionary policies that will transform the way our country works and takes care of it's own. Good connection between the Red Scare and the fear of Democratic Socialism, by the way. I also like how you describe Sanders as targeting the ideals of Reaganomics, an idea of which I never liked because it says right in my APUSH textbook that it immediately began to raise the poverty level, because in practice the money never "trickles down" effectively. I am much more in support of the concept of caring for our own within our country, and that taking of more social welfare responsibility comes with Sanders, and with his policies such as making healthcare and post-secondary education more accessible to all, which to me is just common sense. What do you think? Good post and good graphics, though the text was a little difficult to read over the picture in some parts.
Connor Cooke