Why do Asian Peoples Eyes Appear Different

Sep 12, 2012
by: sam.lu

There has always been the stereotype that east asian people have narrow eyes, this is not always true though. I am half chinese on my fathers side so one would think I would have asian eyes, but not everyone can tell that I have east asian ancestry. Why? My sister has wider eyes than me but almost everyone can tell that she is asian.
People from North, East, Central, and Southeast Asia have things called epicanthic folds. Which are small folds of the upper eyelid on the inner corner of the eye, these make the eye look narrower. Asian people’s skulls are also apparently shaped slightly different from caucasian and african skulls, The outer edges of the eye socket protrude slightly more than other races resulting in sharper outer corners of the eyes. Also some asian’s eyelids are not able to fold as easily as other races due to a layer of fat on the eyelid, they don't have "hooded eyes". I didn’t inherit as many of these features as my sister, due to that fact she looks more like my dad and I look more like my mom, and therefore I don’t appear as asian as her.