Why do people Change?

Mar 25, 2012
by: ellvic

Something that I have been interested in learning more about has been Is why people change and why they don’t change? As I was younger I didn’t really care about changes.I just went along with them. Now that I’m older I want a better understanding of why it happens. Some people believe that change is a must and other don’t believe. From what I know changes happen daily weather we like it or not.

Changes is something that occur in many people's lives. There are some people that change from good to bad. Other who change from bad to good. I know that some changes depend on us. As an individual we usually make changes for ourselves. Like the way we dress,talk, eat act and other things. But, a parent may change the way the meals in a house. These changes may affect the lives of her family.

Since I don’t know why changes occur I decided to do some research.
This article talk about why people don’t change. Some people don’t change because they realize they’re not change for themself. They’re change for the people around them. An Individulal change shouldn’t be based on what people want for you. It’s what you want for yourself. People don’t change because there isn’t enough support from the people around them. In the article “6 Reasons Why People Don’t Change, and What to Do About That” there was a statement that I totally agree with. “If you are for example trying to lose weight then it will be a lot harder if the people around you are eating junk food every day.” This statement is good because it relates to many people. I know that people believe that they gain so much pound for eating unhealthy. They want to make a change because they know that leaving the junks food is hard. From this article I learn that people don’t change because of realization. They start to realize no one gonna be around to help them or that the change is not for himself if for others.

Another article I have read is “ Why Do People Change?’’
http://whydopeople.net/why-do-people-change/ This article is talking about realization also. It talks about many ways people change. Some people wanted to change when they hurt. They believe that if they change the hurt may go away. People also change when it comes to the life cycle. Becoming married, having kids and maturity leads to change because we must adjust to the changes. People may want their partner to change because of their bad behavior. These are some of the reason why people change in their life. I totally agree with this quotes: “The best way in setting a new path or a new direction in one’s life is to know and be aware of one’s primary motivation to change.” You don't want to change and not have a purpose because then your change will be a epic fail.

Changes is something that we can control and something that we must just adjust to. But people shouldn't be afraid of it just try to go along with it.