Why Does Manga Have Universal Appeal?

Sep 28, 2013
by: jespinoza

The topic i am interested in is how manga has a universal effect on those of different culture, gender, and ethnicity. This means how people from different parts of the world, who know different things about the world, can come together and read manga. Graphic novels today commonly depict a super hero saving peoples lives, however, Manga, a Japanese style comic book, has a huge range of different genres. The genres can either range from "Slice of Life," meaning that a manga with this genre can be about everyday life either from the perspective of a student at any point of education of his/her life, or from the perspective of a working adult trying to live out their life and start a family, to "Action/Adventure," which can lead to not only people with powers saving the world, but also regular people just enjoying life and going out to explore the world.

I am interested in this topic because of how manga has effected me. It effected in a way where i want to question things. It also offered a type of philosophy, depending on the manga i read. Also, because of manga, i was able to become friends with people i had no idea had the same interests. This allowed me to branch out to different people who usually don't know who to talk to and have a full on conversation with them. The ideals manga can give can also add a different perspective to life. I, for one, began to think how the world really works when i read a manga that mentions how the different levels on the social cast can deal a cruel fate.

While doing my pre-research for my Process Journal 1, i found out many interesting things about manga, and how people have different views on it. I found out that many people look down on Manga. They believe that it is childish and that their kids should not go near it. But i also saw how people who read manga, and are fans of manga, came together to defend it. This really impressed me because i really enjoyed hearing the different perspectives on manga. I also read about an article where a reporter interviewed people of different backgrounds including different cultures, religions, and ethnicities, and what about manga they liked and disliked.

I believe that this topic is an issue of unfairness because society thinks that those who read manga, and those who are passionate about them, are considered trash. However, those who judge others on stereotypes are worse than trash. This means that most people think that those who read manga are immature and cannot be taken seriously. This demeans the people who read manga, and wont't allow them to met new people, get a job, and get a better education.

People should care about manga because it will allow more people to befriend one another, and it can also teach students about different cultures depending if they want to study Japanese culture. Also, from my own personal experience, from reading a lot of manga on a daily basis, my reading levels have improved , as well as my vocabulary, as i come across words, and situations, that i do not understand, allowing me to expand my understanding, and learn more.


JoeyD Comment

Submitted by JoeyD on Tue, 2013-10-08 12:19.

Hello my name is Joey Davis and I also enjoy watching anime and playing video games. I respect how you like to work hard and be a good person to your community. I also try to help my community as much as I can, but my high school in Utah makes us do service hours. I work at our food bank and our boys and girls club. I have never lived in a violent place and it is good you try not to get involved with the violence at your school. I wouldn't either. You sound like a cool kid and I am glad that I got to comment on your page.

why should people care about manga?

Submitted by vrivas on Mon, 2013-10-14 21:34.

It seems that you are very interested in the universal appeal of Manga from what I read it seems that people are very judge mental about people that read Manga and that they feel that Manga doesn't better people's lives. The thing that interests me about your topic is that your doing it on Manga and trying to see how other people feel about Manga and the effects that Manga has on us. I personally enjoy reading Manga and yes I agree with you because of Manga I have met many of the friends that I have today and it gives me a different perspective on life and see things differently. My opinion on your topic is that its good and that I think a big group that you should include is teenagers. Maybe you should interview people that you know and ask them questions and ask them how they feel about Manga. One question that you can look up is the percentage of different races that like or dislike Manga? I hope I helped you out a little bit and good luck with the project.


Submitted by JWheats on Tue, 2013-10-29 15:14.

Very interesting! As someone who isn't a Manga reader it's really nice to see how it's affected you in such a positive light. Have you read Manga and Philosophy? It seems like it's gotten really good reviews and could greatly add to your argument of how Manga isn't just for "children".

Response to Manga posting

Submitted by eflood on Fri, 2013-11-01 13:03.

It seem that you are very interested in studying manga. I think that your topic is very interesting because I know a lot of people that enjoy reading Manga. I myself never really got into manga I was more into American comic books, maybe I just wasn't reading the right kind. I liked how you explained that not all manga is the same, because I always thought that manga was all about action and fighting. It would be nice if you made the point that reading manga can be positive because kids can learn about the culture that the books come from.