Why doesn't everyone get an equal education?

Oct 25, 2008
by: HLee
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As you may already know, the youth are our future. They are the ones that determine the United States in the future, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't pay attention to us until then.  In this day and age, you can see a lot of us following the Presidential election. For example, in an article on October 2, 2008 in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Gina Smith says "that [being young] hasn't stopped the teen duo and several of their underage friends from volunteering with the Obama campaign. After school and on the weekends, they hit the streets with bags swelling  with voter registrations cards and high hopes of dispelling Internet rumors many young people believe." As you can see from this example, a lot of young kids do take action even though they cannot vote yet.
Also there are programs such as Youth Vote that are trying to help the youth get registered to vote. As one should know 18-29 years old are registered to vote, but only a small percent of them actually vote. As stated in post written by TJ Halva on October 2, 2008, "most of the youth voters vote democratic which is very helpful for anyone who is running for the Democratic party. They can change the tide of the elections just for the youth voting in the election." 

One of the issues that the youth voter is concerned about is education. The next President should make this an important issue, and supply large amounts of money for students who want to learn.

Well obviously education is important in our society and everyone deserves it. I don't think someone's economic wealth should define the education they can get. I don't understand why everyone makes a big deal about money and education together. I don't think that money should matter and I think everyone is allowed to have the same education as everyone. Who knows, maybe that's what someone needs to start their life anew.

When I see absent students in school, I don't like it, and how they don't take education seriously. It only irks me. I don't get why they should complain about it since they are learning after all and that someone who is poor, for the lack of better word, doesn't get the same education. Maybe they won't even have the common knowledge on how to survive in the world. I think knowledge and logic is one of the most important things in the world and I don't see why everyone can get an equal education. I think education should be free for everyone who is willing to learn.

Why must our economic wealth define our ability to get knowledge? Let's take a look at what some of the candidates for President might answer this question.

Tax cuts is important much like education. "By eliminating tax cuts for the wealthy and obscene spending on militarism, war and prisons," as quoted by Cynthia McKinney from the Chicago Tribune Issues Comparison, we can do much more for society. "We can afford to invest in quality education for all."

Some candidates think that charter schools will help people with difficulties in school. "Students in America rank at the bottom in the most disciplines such as physics and chemistry. We should try charter schools all over America." John McCain said from GOP Debate in Johnston, Iowa on January 16. Education is important to everyone and the education of young people will help with a future. "Choice and competition are the key to the future"

"Trying to fix failing schools with more money and regulations also has failed to do anything other than waste taxpayer money without results." says Bob Barr on the Libertarian Party's website. The thing is that different schools have different needs so, just giving up on a school will not really help anyone especially the kids who are trying hard to pass schools. Also just giving up on schools doesn't help anyone and doesn't benefit anyone.

Ralph Nader says, "We call for equitable state and national funding of school education," on June 25, 2000, from the Green Party Platform as ratified at the National Convention.  This is true. All schools should be funded since they are the main part of some one's life. For most of their childhood, kids go to school five times a week. Also, Nader's belief that schools should be "controlled by parent-teacher governing bodies" is very important. If teachers and parents show a lot of determination in a child's work it can help everyone. That doesn't mean that it's always a good thing.

Barack Obama thinks "that we should take into account white kids who are disadvantaged and who have grown up in poverty and have shown themselves to have what it takes to succeed" as quoted on the NPR web site. This is very true in our society, and there have been a lot of these advantages for people who a lot of money. Also there seems to be not a lot of hope for kids who are very willing to learn, but don't have a lot.

To some people wealth is knowledge which is pretty sad, but very true. Society is almost selfish about your economic status. If you don't have a lot of money, you can almost not exist to some people. Many New Yorkers or even anyone just pass by the homeless without even a second glance. Some of them wanted an education and some still do. All of them are people after all, and they deserve it more than everyone. Having a limited amount of education is pretty bad for anyone since we learn new things basically everyday. Knowledge is infinite in terms of the human brain.

Education is so important, but that does mean that it's for everyone. Even though I might say all this, education isn't always for everyone and people shouldn't be forced into it. To this day, some people actually try to get their kids into college so their children can persue the goals that the parents had long ago. That to me is selfish in the parents part and the kids should have a word in their own education. I hope education  becomes more important to the next President, and I hope at least everyone tries to get a good education.


It's a shame...

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First off, I think that in general everyone gets a different education because of a different teacher, different brain, and different desires to learn. The idea that the same level of education is not offered to everyone regardless of their wealth is a mystery. Actually, I take that back. It isn't much of a mystery. Look who is running our nation. They are wealthy, well-off middle or upper class politicians. We don't have people who are poor running our nation's government. Politicians may have started out with nothing as some people, but their final status is not the one they started with. Not the status of thousands of Americans. The minority of the people in government who actually think of people below their level have other issues to deal with that do not involve education. The public school system in America is taking a downfall. The education given to the students is very different from the education that one receives from a private school. Look at where Obama is sending his girls. Even the soon-to-be President of the United States cannot permit to send his children to a public school. He is looking for the countries best teachers and tutors. The majority of Americans don't have thousands to spend on a child's education. Having a roof over head and food on the table are bigger concerns. It's just really sad to see what we have become.


Money and Education

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Even though there should not be a price on education, as there are more tools introduced to the school system, every aspect becomes more expensive, a luxary. For example, many college students complain that they spend too much money on simply getting the books that are required for that class. A tool that has come to the rescue of young college students is eReaders. It is turning paper textbooks into digital files which students can carry with them at all times, minus the weight, all in the comfort of their iPods, iTouch and labtops. This cost very little, as the digital file can simply be uploaded from websites selling the text. Perhaps this will open the door to more people being able to afford college-education.


Have a look at http://youthvoices.net/node/7458

Dear H.L.,  I am very haapy

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Dear H.L.,  I am very haapy with your choice of topic....Yes the youth are our future and education should be provided equallly to all. One sentence that you wrote that stood out for me is "i don't think someone's economic wealth should define the education they can get". I think education and funding for education should be provided equally across all geographic regions but unfortunately that is not what is happening in our districts. Another sentence  that stood out for me is "i don't think that money should matter and i think everone is allowed the same education as everyone". This statement is so true....money should not determine the quality of education one gets. Your essay reminds me about a paper i wrote about educational inequality. Thanks for writing and i look forward to reading your next entry.