WHy dont people care about poverty? Part 4

Jan 8, 2009
by: 12bhattim

The reason why I took this photograph was because I feel strongly about poverty and when I saw this homeless man on the streets I decided it really related to what I was writing about. I was in Manhattan with my brother finding a new labtop for him and when we got out of the train station I saw this man sitting in front of a pastry with his head placed above his arms. It was really cold outside and he was sitting on the ground, with a worn jacket and some shopper bags that must have contained the few of the items he pocessed.  Because I was in Manhattan there was a lot of people that were there so the picture might look a little fuzzy but I tried to take it the best I could. I didn't have a digital camera so I quickly took my cellphone out and took the picture on the camera that was on the phone. This is how I was able to take this strong picture that really depicts the idea of poverty and its consequences.

The way this image connects to my question is that it depicts a man sitting on the cold concrete ground with no food, home, and barely any clothing to keep warm. It shows how people really dont care about poverty. This picture was taken in Manhattan and many people  go back and forth, and not one person stopped to look or help. It shows how we do realize that there are people in this world who are in need of help, because we do not care or we think that there are many other people who can help them, we chose not to. Its not only that we can't its that we don't chose to. After I finished taking the picture, I asked my brother for some change and put it into his can next to him. Its sad how everyone realizes that there is someone sitting there who is homeless but do not stop to think of how they can do a good deed by simply putting a coin into the can.


really nice picture

Submitted by 12makridise on Thu, 2009-01-08 22:00.

 Your picture caught my attention, because it really shows the carelessness of people in society that already have many more advantages than those suffering in poverty. The man dressed in the business or fancy looking suit walking by, caught my attention and this indicates the differences between both classes (rich and poor). The isolation and fear in the posture and appearance of the poor individual sitting on the cement ground, portrays the hardships and difficulties of living a life of hunger, hopelessness and lonliness. 

The most interesting thing about this picture is the man that is passing by; even though we don't see the man walking by the homeless person fully, and don't know his actions my assumption is that he would have never stopped to help this poor human being. it really shows how no one takes the time to really seek ways to help other people who have nothing in life. Of course there are homeless shelters and other places that are willing to help these people, but on the most part people who have it best haven't formed the realization about what kind of life others are living through. 


 Nice picture. I really enjoyed looking at it!