Why is the dropout rate so high?

Apr 15, 2012
by: guirol

A topic that I have always been interested is why students drop out. I want to learn more about this topic because day by day the number of dropouts are increasing.

What I do know about this topic is that students may dropout if they come from bad homes, or because they got caught up in the streets. Other reasons students might drop out is because of bullying and harassment, or simply because they don't want to be there.

In an article I read, a quote that stood out to me was: "But when they are finished chugging the milk and throwing Tater Tots at one another, they will drift out to their classes and slouch together through lessons on Edgar Allan Poe and Pythagoras." This stood out to me because I agree with it. After eating a meal at lunch, students get tired and tend to slack off in their last period classes. Another quote that stood out to me was: "It's the promise of American public education: no matter who you are or where you come from, you will be tugged gently along the path of learning, toward graduation and an open but hopeful future." I think this quote means that everyone is given a chance for an education, but you have to take the chance and work at it in order to succeed.

"Another reason why the already low graduation rates are perhaps an overstatement of the academic attainment of students is grade inflation," is a quote that stood out to me in another article I read. Students often drop out if their grades are below average. "A still different perspective is that many college dropouts are led down a primrose path, incurring huge student loan debts without obtaining the paper certifying academic competence that would help them obtain the good paying job that would help pay off those debts," this means that many students can not afford to stay in school.

"Many students do not realize the seriousness of their decision to drop out of high school," is a quote I strongly agree with. They think they can manage, until later on when they began to struggle. "It is only later in life they realize the poor choice they have made," is saying that soon after they drop out they realize the silly and inconsiderate mistake thu made. Some will regret leaving school early, while others may make it in life, but there is a strong possibility that if you drop out you will struggle at some point in life.

In another article I read, a quote that was interesting was: " Seventy-one percent of those surveyed who had quit college said that work was a factor in the decision, and more than half said it was a major factor. About 35 percent of those who dropped out said they had tried to balance work and study, and found it too stressful." This was interesting because I think that this will be the only acceptable reason for dropping out. Some students and families they have to take care of so they need to work. Many have to pay bills; school can help you in a lot, but it cannot help take care of you.

"With this increasing amount of stress and work, some students have become very frustrated and depressed. Students then drop out of school and take the easy way out to eliminate some of that stress," is a quote that stood out to me. This stood out to me because when people get stressed they tend to give up on everything. School is sometimes the number one cause of a teens stress.

All of this research makes me think of the many different reasons that a student would've dropped out for. In my opinion I don't think there is any real reason. Giving up on school is like giving up on life. You need a education to get where you want to be, even if it doesn't require the majority of the work you do in school. Everyone has a chance at getting an education, and I think everyone should take that chance and hold on to it.

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This is a great article! I

Submitted by n_daw15 on Thu, 2014-10-02 18:32.

This is a great article! I agree with what you are saying because education is very important, but not everyone who gets an education is successful. There are also people who dropped out of school who became very successful. I really don't understand why someone will drop out of high school risking their future.

Great article!

Submitted by laister on Mon, 2014-10-06 00:08.

I really like your post because it's really informative. I too have always wondered why students choose to drop out of school. I also agree with your ending statement. School is an opportunity that teens/kids/students often don't appreciate since in many areas, education is not free. Students should definitely buckle down and utilize the opportunity that is given to them.